Call for Trolley Volunteers

Call for Trolley Volunteers

Trolley Volunteers
Blue Skies Trolley Volunteers Mary Curran, Margaret Gillaspy, Dorothy Barr and David O’Hara make the rounds.

The Blue Skies Trolley is sent with a team of volunteers around the wards at Blackpool Victoria Hospital offering a selection of confectionary and treats to patients, and it is in need of some new helpers.

Blue Skies Hospitals Fund, which benefits from the trolley, and the Voluntary Services Department at Blackpool Teaching Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust are keen to hear from anyone who has a couple of hours a week to spare and who wants to meet new people while helping to raise money for charity.

Nicci Hayes, Fundraising Officer and Acting Volunteer Co-ordinator, said: “Ideally we would like the trolley to go onto all the wards at Blackpool Victoria Hospital each weekday afternoon.

“Our Blue Skies Trolley Volunteers enjoy their time on the wards, and tell us it’s a very fulfilling experience. We want to grow that team so all patients have the chance to buy their treats and donate to charity while they’re on the wards.”

The trolley has a small team of committed volunteers, who are eager to welcome in new recruits.

Dorothy Barr, 76, of Poulton, started volunteering on the trolley 20 years ago, when it was run by the now disbanded League of Friends of Blackpool Victoria Hospital.

She said: “Everyone from the volunteers and patients to the staff at Blackpool Victoria Hospital wanted the trolley to continue when the League of Friends ended, so we’ve kept on with it.

“Volunteering on the trolley is a great way to socialise as you have the other volunteers with you, and you get to meet all the patients and staff as you go onto the wards.

“It’s very enjoyable, and the fact that you’re doing it to raise money for charity is even more rewarding. All the money we raise goes straight back into the hospital.”

David O’Hara, of Blackpool, is one of the Trolley Volunteers’ newest recruits, having only started with the service in the last few weeks.

David, 70, said: “I have always enjoyed doing voluntary work because it is a fun thing to do.

“I wanted to volunteer on the Blue Skies Trolley because I wanted to contribute a little bit to the hospital service.”

If you are interested in becoming a Blue Skies Trolley Volunteer contact Nicci Hayes on 01253 957904. For more information about volunteering for Blackpool Teaching Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust visit (Please mention this website).

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