Lock up your Bicycle

Lock up your Bicycle

With a spot of warmer weather you’re more likely to be getting on your bike, and some simple crime prevention tips can help to make sure it’s still there when you want to ride it again!

Whether you buy a bargain bicycle or a really top of the range one, they are expensive items that you wouldn’t want to lose to the hands of an opportunistic criminal. To avoid bike thefts, cyclists are advised to:

* Always secure your bike when you leave it – even if you are only nipping into a shop for a few minutes.

* Attach your bicycle to a sturdy object using a good quality bike lock and if possible put the lock through the frame rather than the wheels – as these can be removed by determined thieves.

* Secure your cycle to a hard standing, even when in the garage.

* Mark your bicycle with your postcode so it can be returned if it is stolen.

* Take off smaller removable parts that cannot be secured and take them with you.

* Keep your own record of your cycle; make a note of the make, model and frame number and take a photograph of it.

A number of bicycles were stolen from the Poulton area during July, including a £250 grey decathlon mountain bike taken from Hardhorn Road; a £2,000 Quake grey mountain bike stolen from Meadow Crescent in Carleton and a £390 grey and blue child’s stunt bike that was removed from an alleyway in Blackpool Road.

PC Andrea Banks, community beat manager for Poulton, said: “Bicycles are quite expensive items but people often leave them lying around when they are not using them – which gives thieves an easy ride when it comes to stealing them.

“There are a number of crime prevention measures that cyclists can use to help prevent their property from being stolen and we would ask everyone to make sure they follow them to help us keep incidents of bike thefts low.”

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