Home Safety During Holidays

Home Safety During Holidays

A LYTHAM schoolgirl is helping residents to protect their property from thieves after her winning design was selected to appear on 10,000 crime prevention posters.

School children from across the Fylde were asked to design a poster that helped get across the message of Operation Angel, a policing initiative being run in the borough to reduce incidents of burglary, car crime and theft, especially with the summer holiday season upon us.

Local officers worked with Fylde Borough Council to run the competition, with Mia Morns-Whittle’s poster catching the eye of the judges. She was presented with a £50 book token and a cycle lock at Kirkham police station.

The council have also helped to fund the posters, which will now be distributed across the Fylde. As well as being placed in public places, copies of the poster will be given to all residents who undergo an Operation Angel crime prevention check.

Operation Angel began in April and has seen officers going through safety checks with people when they respond to reports of crime at an address, as well as neighbourhood police teams offering advice on crime prevention measures during routine visits to homes.

Residents are reminded to make sure that they are locking doors and windows, securing out buildings and removing valuables from their vehicles, as well as being given advice on changes they can make to their home security and other actions they can take to protect both themselves and their personal property.

Sgt Peter Hannon, Fylde police, said: “When we saw Mia’s design we knew straight away that it was the winner. It was simple, eye catching and covered all the four areas that we are looking at – reducing burglary, shed break-ins, theft from vehicles and stolen bicycles.”

Home security tips for residents include:

* When you go out, always close your windows and lock the door behind you.
* Fit key operated locks to all windows.
* Fit a dead lock on your door and store keys away from the letter box so they cannot be fished through it.
* Consider fitting a visible burglar alarm.
* When you go out for the night, draw the curtains and leave a light on.
* Mark important and expensive items with your postcode and take photos of expensive items of jewellery.
* Take a note of the serial numbers of electrical items.
* Cancel milk and papers when you go away on holiday.
* Always check a cold callers ID before letting them into your home.

Winning crime safety poster
Poster design winner Mia Morns-Whittle.


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