Home Safety at Christmas

Home Safety at Christmas

With Christmas on the horizon, make sure you have a festive season that’s not spoiled by criminals…

Keep your home and valuables safe

Fit a burglar alarm and outside lighting.
Ensure your windows and doors are locked.
Keep presents out of view both at home and in your car.
Don’t leave your set near your front door or on display.
Mark your new valuable items with your postcode and note down make/model/serial numbers.

Keep your car and its contents safe

Stay with your car whilst it is defrosting.
Always lock doors and close windows.
Keep valuables out of sight. Better yet, remove them from your car.
Keep a shovel, torch, blanket, bottles of water, sturdy outdoor footwear and a charged mobile phone in your car in case you break down this Christmas.

Be safe on nights out

Have a plan on how you will get home safely.
Use a legitimate taxi company.
Use busy, well-lit routes if you have to walk.
Walk facing oncoming traffic.
Have your keys ready as you approach your car.
Park in well-lit areas.

Stay safe when shopping

Keep your bag with you.
Keep purses, wallets and mobiles in your inside pockets, out of view.
Carry handbags across your body with the flap facing you.

Shop safe online

Always use secure sites. Look for the padlock symbol.
Always keep printouts of online documentation.
Never disclose your bank or card details as proof of identity or age.
Register your cards with Verified by Visa or MasterCard SecureCode when prompted.
Log out when you have finished shopping.

To report a crime, please call Lancashire Police on 101.

Always dial 999 in an emergency.

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