Sea Foam

Sea Foam

Sea Foam is quite a sight when it’s at its best – and it happens fairly often at Cleveleys, here on the Fylde Coast.

Decaying algae in the sea acts like a gel and allows bubbles of air to hold and last when they’re whipped up by the waves and strong winds. 

The bubbles mount up in huge numbers and create a froth against the edge of the tideline. The strip gets thicker and bigger and the froth starts blowing about – much as you can do with the bubbles in your kitchen sink. 

The froth blows about like snowballs and mounts up on the promenade, paths and road, and can reach several feet in depth.

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These clips of the sea foam were taken on Friday 13 November 2015

This one just before high tide at noon…

and this one just after it at about 1.30pm

The foam carries sand with it and when it dries it leaves a dirty, sandy residue which is awful to clean off windows, cars and houses.

Beware that if you walk in it you will wind up with all your clothes filthy and needing washing!!

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Much more about Sea Foam from Visit Cleveleys

Sea foam at Cleveleys on North PromenadeSea foam at Cleveleys on North Promenade

Sea foam piled up on Rossall Promenade at CleveleysSea foam piled up on Rossall Promenade at Cleveleys

Sea foam at Thornton Gate/North Promenade CleveleysSea foam at Thornton Gate/North Promenade Cleveleys

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