Young Farmers in Blackpool

Young Farmers in Blackpool

Hello, I’m back again. I was forbidden by she who must be obeyed from doing any blogs over the weekend. First of all it was a holiday, secondly she hadn’t time to post them online. So here I am back again with my stories and my topic for today is young farmers in Blackpool. (Header photo by Alex Miklos)

Beautiful weather for a Bank Holiday Monday

We had a lovely weekend as I suppose most of you will have, how can you not with wall to wall sunshine.

It was just what the doctor ordered for everyone wasn’t it. I’ve never seen our beach and around the café as busy before, it was heaving with people who had camped out for the day. Lots and lots of people were in the sea too, all in all, lovely to see families being families. Then it was my hubbies birthday on Tuesday so we had a nice afternoon out, in spite of the rain, and better still, no work!!

Young Farmers in Blackpool

Was anyone about in Blackpool this weekend and if so, what did you think of the Farmers going on the rampage. Jane was on the way back from the hoteliers coffee morning at the Zoo yesterday when she heard on the radio that the police had only made two arrests and in general, things has been OK. With thousands of the young farmers in Blackpool, the cash tills and the hotels must have been laughing all over the place which is the good side of them pouring into our town. However, it’s been recorded that they caused an awful lot of trouble, probably not all of them, but enough to make a difference to the reputation of the place.

As usual there were the fair share of drunks but the drunken debauchery that went on with some of them sounds to have got out of hand, to say the least. Some were taking car keys from inside cars, attacking passing motorists and lying in front of cars. It’s a pity somebody didn’t run over them, but along with the foul mouth words coming out of their mouths, enough is enough.

This video below was taken by Alex Ayan Miklos – and it even made the BBC News. Isn’t that something to be proud of.

Young Farmers on Market Street Blackpool

There were reports of petty crime along with urinating in public and passing out. The chief of the Federation of Young Farmers said they were ‘appalled’ by the behaviour of some of the idiots who made our town look dreadful and not a safe place to be.

Quite frankly I would ban them from coming as this drunken carry on shouldn’t be encouraged. Some were caught on camera as you can see kicking passing cars and stealing keys. They were playing loud music and putting picnic tables all over the pavements which meant that people had to walk on an already busy road. They even threw paint onto the street although where they got it from I don’t know, I’ve never noticed paint pots lying about have you?

Hoteliers have said that in the past it has stopped people from coming here while the young farmers are in Blackpool because they coincided with this rabble, so what does it make us look like as a town!

It seems that taxis weren’t going to be left out from their stupidity as a number of taxis were damaged. It was commented on Facebook that last year they caused half a million pounds of damage. I wonder who pays for all the damage they have done. I think the young farmers federation should foot the bill, first having recovered it from the louts who thought it was OK to act like hooligans.

Reinforcing a Bad Name

Taxi drivers said that a lot of people they picked up were appalled at the behaviour, so maybe we have gained a lot of money for some businesses but at the same we have reinforced the feeling that Blackpool is not somewhere that families should be.

They were seen walking on the road in front of traffic, some dressed in orange cone suits, while one idiot pretended to have been hit by a driver, a lot of whom were driving round them. I mean what kind of dope does that, maybe a moron! Derek told me that in The Times it said that the young farmers had been banned from most seaside towns because of their behaviour, so why don’t we. Visitors shouldn’t have to put up with being intimidated and scared don’t you think. Blackpool already has a bad name for stag and hen parties, so more adverse publicity isn’t going to make families want to come here.

Sorry to have ranted again but really. Will the town ever shake off the image of lewdness and drunken behaviour and all the rest of it. If I’d been walking in town with that lot carrying on and scaring me, I would say bye bye Blackpool, we won’t be coming again. Is that really the reputation we want to keep when everyone is trying to get rid of it?

I mean, what would happen if us townies went on the rampage in the countryside? If we left litter in fields, left gates open, had barbecues and chucked them in the hedgerows. Oh and what about antagonising the sheep, just for good measure. For a kick off, most of us just wouldn’t dream of doing it, and number 2, if we did they’d go ballistic. Well we don’t want the equivalent at the seaside.

What do you think?

Did you experience the charming behaviour of these hooligans over the weekend? Do you think the money that they bring is worth it, or would you ban them from coming to Blackpool too?

Why don’t you leave a comment below and then everyone can join in the conversation. It’s easy to do, just type what you want to, bob down your email address (to make sure you’re real) and then submit.

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