Windy Weather, Super Fleas and Stupid Claims

Windy Weather, Super Fleas and Stupid Claims

What about the weather then, I just had to give it a mention today as we have been hit by the tail end of two hurricanes.

It wasn’t too bad through the day on Sunday but by late evening the wind suddenly got up and tried to blow the house down, and it wasn’t the wolf that was trying to do it. By the time I put the bedroom light off it was howling round the house, although we didn’t get much in the way of rain. I just hope that no one had any storm damage as we were promised winds of up to 70mph. That maybe doesn’t seem much when you compare it to the 180mph that was in America, but it’s bad enough when you have the sea bearing down on you just a roads width away!

It was still very windy here yesterday (Monday) but not as bad as in the night, at least we all slept through it and are looking forward to it going away. We can’t see through the windows due to all the sand that has blown on them but I still love being here. The sea and its white plumes are brilliant and we do get used to the house rattling and banging!

Rough sea at Cleveleys

Las Vegas Shooting

Isn’t the shooting in Las Vegas just terrible. On the news yesterday morning they reported that two people had died with 24 injured and now it’s 58 dead and 200 injured.

What makes anyone go to the 34th floor of a hotel to shoot and mow down people who are doing nothing more than enjoying a night out. We can’t begin to imagine what it was like, one minute relaxing and the next, bang and you’re dead or injured.

The shock and stampede to get away must have been terrible. So far they don’t know know why he did it but it just makes you wonder why they need to mow down innocent people. I said to myself I wasn’t going to go on about crime etc after having a good old moan the last two days, but this has to be mentioned. I think to illustrate what a sick world we are living in. Is it me or is it getting worse? Or do we just know about more things more quickly because of the modern internet age?

Dangerous Dogs

On a much lighter note, I just had to smile when I read about the Yorkshire terrier who chased a delivery man in London.

Did you know that seven policemen turned out and stormed the owners house and seized her ‘dangerous’ terrier. Although what happened to the poor little chap I don’t know, as it must be difficult to handcuff a small dog and I would imagine it would easily slip through the bars of a prison cage!

It is such a relief to know that the police are getting to grips with real crime and no doubt you will sleep better in your beds tonight because of it. Really, seven cops when you can’t get one to come out for love nor money when a real crime is committed, never mind seven, I ask you! It’s about as good as the police man turning out for the buskers in Cleveleys, when there’s a gang of kids happily on the rob and unchecked in the middle of the night.

Super Fleas

Another thing I noticed, not being a lover of all things creepy crawly as my regular readers will know, it looks we have been having a home invasion of all thing, super fleas.

I only have to think about the mucky things to start shivering, but we had a warm spring which has created just the conditions that these fleas love. So they have been busy with the hanky panky and turned themselves into massive fleas, oh my goodness.

Apparently, the males ‘delicate part’ is two and a half times longer than it’s body, so goodness knows how it copes with that, but anyway. We shouldn’t have mild Winters which doesn’t kill them off, as they like humid conditions. So we’d better have a freezing Winter and then the little monsters will perish!

So far I haven’t seen any, I don’t know about you, but you have more chance of it if you own a dog or cat which can bring them indoors. Oh gosh, where’s the flea spray and flea shampoo, I’d better get going, just in case!

You couldn’t make it up…

Talking about fleas, did you know that a policeman in the West Midlands was paid £12,000 after he sued his employers  for, hold your breath, being bitten by a flea. On top of that they had to pay £4,185 in legal fees.

Have you heard anything like it? I would have told the avaricious cop to beat it. I ask you, what would he have asked for if an earwig had a chomp at him (do they bite? don’t think so?) But anyway, with the police bleating on about not having enough money they seem to think it’s OK to pay out large sums of money for ridiculous things. Although having said that, I wonder if they are recruiting for claimants, £12,000 wouldn’t half come in handy, anybody else want to join?!

What do you think?

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