What a Show

What a Show

Jane had disappeared again yesterday, this time for a full day to the Winter Gardens where StayBlackpool were holding their show for hoteliers and suppliers.

Jane had gone with a stand selling our Seaside Emporium pictures painted by hubby Derek. She was off for 8am and rolled in at teatime so it was a quiet day for us!

Seaside Emporium stand at the StayBlackpool show

What a husband Kevin is, he’s so thoughtful. She was taking tables, pictures, cloths and all sorts of things so he went out into the freezing cold and packed the car up with everything, no mean feat in a very strong and bitterly cold wind.

He even started the car and got the inside warmed up for her, and even put the heated drivers seat. Now that’s what I call very thoughtful I don’t know about you, I bet a lot of people wish they had a Kevin. We keep saying ‘you’re a good lad you’ after that dustbin comedy that used to be on TV years ago. I don’t know if you remember it but one of the bin men was always saying that, so we say it in his voice, many times!

The North wind doth blow

The cold has well and truly struck, and yesterday (Thursday) it was bitingly cold and the wind cuts right through you so I for one stayed put, I don’t know about you. Thursday is a very busy day for me anyway, cooking, seeing to washing, cleaning, ironing and a blog to type so I won’t have time to go out even if I wanted to which I don’t.

Give me my warm house any day. As I’ve said a million times since this cold snap, well not a million that’s a bit of an exaggeration, but a lot anyway, I am so grateful that we can afford to keep the house warm as some might not be. When I say that they all chime up with ‘yes because we’ve worked hard for donkey’s years’ so I’ve piped down about it now, but you just have to feel for the homeless people sleeping in shop doorways. Nobody, no matter what they’ve done or who they are, should be in such a position in my opinion. How dreadful it must be on nights like this, never mind through the day, to have to settle down in the cold and try to get some sleep, the poor things.

Bells should be ringing

Anyway, back to our excitement in the night. Maybe not the kind that some of you think, but there we were all tucked up in bed when at exactly 5.05am, Derek and I were woken up by a siren going. Oh my goodness I thought the burglar alarm has gone off I hope nobody’s breaking in or else I’m running for cover. Not sure where to but I would find somewhere believe me.

Jane as usual was up at 5am, especially as she had to be going out for 8am, and wondered what on earth was happening. Off it went and there we were wondering what on earth was happening with the alarm going off as it didn’t sound loud enough, as the siren for the burglar alarm is very near to our bedroom door and makes a deafening racket. A neighbours alarm had gone off a day ago for no reason so we thought it might be theirs as the salt and sand play havoc with the alarms, but no off it went again.

By this time, Derek had got up to see what was happening, the dogs were barking their heads off it was like being in the middle of a circus believe me! Hubby realised more quickly than me that it was the smoke alarm at the top of the stairs which is, along with the one at the other end of the house, wired into the electrics so we don’t have to worry about changing batteries.

Anyway, he was running about all over the house trying to find where the smoke and fire was, the dogs were barking, then Derek was frantically pressing the reset on the alarm which stopped it for a few minutes and then off it went again. In the end Jane ran to waken Kevin up to disconnect it (their bedroom is at the other end of the house so he was still snoring). Meanwhile, I stayed put in bed as I thought I can’t do anything if I get up and there were enough people charging about everywhere without me sticking my oar in. It turned out that when Kevin had taken the cover off the alarm a shower of dirt dropped on him as it has been in nineteen years, so I bet it was getting a bit fed up with itself.

Did you hear it mother?

Eventually quiet was restored, but not sleep for me, in spite of Jane asking me in a puzzled voice if I had slept through the din and seeming to think I was stone deaf or something. I told her I didn’t see any point in me joining in the Keystone Cops (a silent movie, before my time where they were always rushing about) as I would probably have got knocked down the stairs in the rush. I was feeling a bit blog eyed yesterday morning as I wasn’t asleep till 1am the day before, but I woke up as I had a lot to do!

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