What a Busy Week that Was

What a Busy Week that Was

What a busy week the men in our house have had. Notice the men, not the women, as I think they’ve had ants in their pants this week. Jane has been super tired this week so we decided to stay put on the Bank Holiday and have a lovely time doing nothing.

We have a pond in our garden with a UV filter which helps keep bacteria and bugs down. It’s just a light bulb like a small fluorescent strip and you have to replace it once or twice a year. We knew something was wrong as the pond water had gone murky and is usually very clear, not allowed at our house, so Kevin got a new bulb. The trouble was, you just get the bulb which fits inside a glass sleeve. The end of the sleeve had broken off a little bit so Kevin came up with the idea of going to the Pond shop, just a bit past the big B&Q, to see if they could get a replacement.

Bank Holiday Monday Jaunt

I did think it a bit fishy, pardon the pun, as there is a pond shop nearer than that, but off they went on Bank Holiday Monday to leave us in peace, bliss. This was just after lunch. They had gone missing all afternoon and came back when their stomachs were growling, just in time for tea, got ready for the weary travellers of course. They were both looking pleased with themselves and happy as two sandboys, so it did cross my mind to wonder where else they had been.

When they had got their stomachs full after their tea, then they started to tell us what they’d been up to.

St Annes promenade on Bank Holiday Monday

They had toddled off to St. Annes to take photos for work. Well that was their story and they were sticking to it, but it seems they had been all over the place. Plus, Kevin has been drinking all the milk this last two weeks and as I didn’t fancy the idea of a cow in the kitchen, we told them they had better find some while they were out, or else.

Kevin is famous for having fads when it comes to food and if he likes something he will eat or drink ‘it’ until he gets bored with ‘it’ whatever ‘it’ may be. The latest craze is cereal and milk. You’ve never seen milk go down as fast as we have shifted it this last week, it’s a wonder he didn’t start mooing and I joke not. So anyway, it gave them all the excuse they needed to go to a supermarket, which one I’m not sure.

They had walked their legs off on their ‘jaunt’ so I said it served them right if they were shattered as they shouldn’t have played truant! When I asked if they had managed to get a bulb cover for the UV, they both looked sheepish at me and admitted they hadn’t even been to the blooming pond shop even though it was on the way to St. Anne’s!

What can I say, other than when Kevin said that they hadn’t really intended going there and were going to St. Anne’s which was crowded by the way, I could have crowned him and not Queen of the Fairies if you get my drift!

Tuesday Evening – Ride the Lights Jaunt

On Tuesday they had to work in the day, but then decided to go to Ride the Lights in Blackpool. So off they went at just gone 6pm and rolled back in nearer to 10pm, saying they had taken lots of photos and how great it was.

Superheroes at Ride the Lights!
Spot the Superheroes!

They’d been talking to everybody and their auntie by the sound of it, and really enjoyed their night out and all for free!

The costumes looked to be great with all sorts of imaginative things that people had come up with, very colourful. They talked to Hayley from Radio Wave who when she realised they were Jane’s dad and hubby was shouting it out to everyone as though they were celebrities.

Hayley Kay at Ride the Lights

Well after all, Jane knows practically everyone on the Fylde Coast as we keep finding out, so it was another photo call with them and on to the next person. I think they were all talked and walked out by the time they got home but not enough to tell me what they were all up to while they were missing!

There’s a full gallery of photos from Ride the Lights here. Kevin had everyone waving at him and got carried away, so there’s well over 100 photos. You might see yourself or someone you know!

Wednesday Afternoon Jaunt

So on Wednesday afternoon they went with Jane to the Rossall Beach Group AGM although whether it was the allure of Taylor’s cream cakes I’m not sure.

Rossall Beach Group AGM 2017

But anyway, poor hubby was sitting there eyes closed after lunch while telling me he had a headache. Being the sympathetic soul I am, I told him it was all the gallivanting they’d been doing that had worn him out (I learned all I know from hubby).

With a look that said it all, he went and got changed and went off with his headache to hear what was what with Jane and our mob. Me, I had a bit of peace and quiet and did my blog which my dogs love as ‘mummy’ is here with them and they can settle down to some well earned sleep.

There are some photos from the afternoon on the Rossall Beach Buddies Facebook page, and I’ll continue the tales tomorrow!

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