Viva! A new diner is coming to town!

Viva! A new diner is coming to town!

Here I am again and I’m beginning to think that Winter has descended on us on the sea front. It’s very cold and windy with the odd shower thrown in, guess where I was all afternoon, yes that’s right, indoors, how about you?

Jane was telling me yesterday that at last Harry Ramsden’s is going to open again, not as a fish shop but as a diner. Of course Harry Ramsden’s went into the former Tower Lounge last year.

Harry Ramsden on Blackpool Promenade

The team from nearby Viva Blackpool on the prom are making the ground floor of the building into a Viva Vegas Diner. Hopefully it will be open in May just in time for the rush of visitors!

Of course this will create more jobs for the locals which can’t be a bad thing can it, so if you like diners, there will soon be one for you to enjoy. There used to be an American Diner in Meadowhall in Sheffield and the waiters and waitresses, all suitably dressed of course, would sing and dance while you were eating which was quite good. If you didn’t want to eat there you could stand and watch them from outside which I suppose would draw people in to have a bite to eat. Also I personally think that it will be a lot better than having an empty shop as it has been, as it’s not a good look in such a prominent place don’t you think?

I don’t know if you know anything about Viva, but Jane knows them quite well. It’s not part of a chain or anything, it’s owned by a couple of local, normal people who sank everything they’d got into it and worked their backsides off and in 5 years they have created a fantastic business that thousands and thousands of people have had great enjoyment from over the years. Good luck to them I say, although what they have achieved has been down more to hard work than luck.

You can read all about Viva and the new diner at Harry Ramsden’s here.

Sun Stroke

While I’m on the subject of Blackpool, I see that the police have been once again called out to unruly young people at the weekend when we had all that lovely sunshine.

Blackpool promenade+

It makes me wonder if a bit of sun goes to some people’s heads, as we get our share of young idiots on our prom here at Cleveleys who all of a sudden when it gets lighter and warmer, decide to race along our prom in their little cars (usually Corsas and Clios) without a care for the damage they could do if they lost control and hit someone. They do it in the middle of the day when there are lots of people about, not just under cover of darkness so heaven help the pedestrians if they mount the pavement or whatever! It’s always the very young ‘adults’ and it always seems to be when it gets warmer, it seems to make them want to come out of hibernation and start annoying everyone, why I wonder?

Anyway, back to the subject of Blackpool after my shall we say diversion. Officers were out again to crack down on the yobs who think it’s OK to gather in big groups and be a nuisance when and where they want. Most of the offenders were teenagers, let me guess, ‘nobody understands them and they had a bad childhood’, if I hear all these excuses one more time I think I’ll scream.

I can remember being ‘bored’ but didn’t find the need to be offensive as these kids are, the trouble is they aren’t afraid of anyone never mind the police and once again it’s down to lack of discipline in the home and schools in my opinion. The power seems to have been given to children not the other way round.

Not all children are like this of course, these yobs represent a small sample of teenagers, and most are good kids from good homes, but what worries me is the impression they give to visitors with young families who must think that Blackpool’s reputation is true if they witness it first hand.

Last time this happened dispersal orders were given which bans any more than one or two people from gathering in a public place if they are seen to harass and intimidate people and leave them upset, which does seem to be working to be fair, and the Police are stamping on it every time it happens. Obviously the kids are trying to outwit the bobbies, so let’s hope that the police really crack down on these teenagers before their numbers swell and they become a dreadful problem.

Scooters at Dawn

While I’m on the subject, it doesn’t have to be just young people who flex their muscles as I read in the paper yesterday about someone who lives in the South Shore who keeps leaving their mobility scooter in front of the house to bag a parking space.

The residents have decided that enough is enough and have complained to the council about the scooter being dumped for hours on end when he says he is expecting visitors and not always in front of his own home. It must be very annoying for the residents when they find that plonked in front of their home, what if they have visitors? The poor things are pestered regularly with tourists cars as the road is so near to the sea front.

It sounds like a case of scooters at dawn to me, not handbags as the story goes, it is quite funny when you read it but not for people who are having it stuck there for hours at a time.

I wonder if they have approached the man and asked him quietly and calmly if he wouldn’t do this or is he so scary that they don’t want to. I hope they get it all sorted out before there is ‘trouble in them there hills’ although there aren’t any hills there are there! I personally wouldn’t want to provoke all the hostility that he is getting, there should be give and take between neighbours but that’s not always possible with some people is it!

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