Vandalism that Could Cost a Life

Vandalism that Could Cost a Life

Well I certainly didn’t have to wonder for long what I would be writing about in my blog after Jane received a phone call from one of the rangers yesterday.

Would you believe that mindless morons have been on the prom in the night and smashed the defibrillator box and key pad, and pinched the defibrillator itself!

Defibrillator vandalised on Rossall Promenade, Cleveleys

Whatever is going to happen next with these people who have nothing better to do than smash something that could save a life. 

They were actually seen by a neighbour at 4.05am on Wednesday morning, having a lovely old time smashing the thing in with a large stone from our beach, which they left as evidence on the wall beside it. You can see how much force they have gone with from the scuff marks.

Stone used to damage the defibrillator

That was bright for a start wasn’t it, although I don’t know whether you’d get fingerprints off a rock. The noise woke the resident up as they did a good old job of smashing it in – something that took us ages and a lot of aggro to get installed – and now it has gone.

Defibrillator on Rossall Promenade Cleveleys

It seems it was a gang of four youths aged about 18 ish, three of who were riding what was described as ‘monkey bikes’, who took a fancy to seeing what damage they could do in the early hours. Why I don’t know, other than this is a sign of the times and what we are reaping for what some kids do. May I say not all kids, there are a lot of good ones out there, but it’s always the bad ones who get the attention in my experience.

Jane was what you might call call hopping mad, and went on with Kevin to inspect the damage. The neighbour had rung it in to the police although what happened then I’m not sure. It sounds like they didn’t catch them, but they did know who they were. The defibrillator unit itself was found on the beach and is now with the ambulance service. They are checking it to see if it still works. If it doesn’t, the whole lot including the housing unit and key box will cost in the region of £1800 to replace.

Not the kind of record that you want to set, but ours is the only one in Lancashire to have been vandalised. 

Roaming the streets at 4am

But what in the world are parents thinking about allowing their children to be running through the streets at that time, smashing and banging just because they can. I don’t know about you but my child would have been firmly tucked up in bed at that time, not roaming the streets looking for something to do.

Kevin was speaking to another neighbour who had the attitude that it’s what children do and so on, which is a very weird way of looking at it in my opinion. Nobody of any age can be excused for wilful damage to someone else’s property in my book, and if I hear once more that these kids are bored I think I might scream the house down.

Being ‘bored’ or ‘don’t care’ is not an excuse for doing what you want to do and acts of wilful vandalism. Lots of people growing up over many generations have been bored but knew it was wrong to steal, vandalise and all the other things that aren’t socially acceptable, so why have we got a whole generation who please themselves, doing what they want. It beats me, I’m sure.

We were discussing it at lunch time yesterday (and tea time as the story continued to unfold). The Rossall Beach group have provided a service for the public that could help to save lives and what would these vandals do if their parents wanted a defibrillator? They would be the ones screaming blue murder that it had been vandalised don’t you think.

It didn’t just appear…

It took a lot of putting up in the first place, with various people dragging their feet for months and months before it could be mounted and so it went on. We’ve had problems with the housing unit which has been swapped about three times already after it seized up because of the weather – and that’s not a quick job to do. It also has to be checked and maintained on a very regular basis and the fact that it’s in working order recorded with the ambulance service. So it’s an ongoing effort just to keep it there and available to be used.

So imagine how disheartening it is to see something you have had installed to help people just being smashed to pieces and stolen because they felt like it and could. The group (or should I say Jane and Dave) have now got to spend all the time and effort that will be taken in sorting it out and replacing it – not forgetting that this is time and effort that could be used in doing something a lot more productive rather than going back over old ground.


Personally for all these acts of violence and bad behaviour I would hold the parents responsible and they would have to take the punishment for their children and maybe then it might bring home the fact that it’s not OK to not care where your children are at all times of the night and day, and whether they are being horrible little whatever you want to call them. Because for me as a parent my child would never have been allowed to do what children do today, but I’d better not get started on that subject, or else.

Anyway, they have achieved fame and fortune because there’s an outcry on Facebook and a press release has gone out about their handywork. So hopefully something will be done. 

Better ways to catch them

Kevin said the police could do with using drones through the night with the officers sitting in their cars controlling them. They could be flown over streets to see what was going on in a way that wouldn’t be possible otherwise and maybe then more offenders would be caught.

There seems to have been a spate of thefts and such like around Thornton Gate, Carr Gate, Green Drive etc, I wonder if these little charmers had anything to do with it. It makes you wonder don’t you think as anyone roaming at 4am in the morning aren’t after being out for a bit of fresh air and a stroll in the dark.

I firmly believe that something should be done to bring back discipline and boundaries for children. I was brought up that way and it did me no harm to learn right from wrong, but I don’t know about a drone flying, was that a pig I saw flying over the rooftops!!

What do you think?

You can donate at a new JustGiving page at this link

If the defib can be re-used, the money will be used to pay for another one somewhere else.

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