Trouble at the NHS

Trouble at the NHS

I know I’m talking about the news that didn’t happen today, but I can’t help but comment on the, to me, daft idea that Vapes should be allowed on the NHS.


Now I know that I’m probably talking to a lot of people who smoke them and of course I always try to see both sides of the argument as I hope I will today, but it does puzzles me why they should be free on the NHS.

The good old institution is never out of the news, telling us all how ‘broke’ they are and can’t afford this, that and the other, so why are they considering giving yet more millions away? It does seem more than a bit odd to me.

I get the point that smoking is an addiction that causes some horrible diseases. I have first hand proof of that as both my dad and brother died of illnesses related to smoking, and my brother was only 61. So having seen what they do I get the angle that cutting out smoking saves a lot of lives, I see that quite plainly, but it doesn’t stop me wondering why the NHS should pay for it.

I do find it a bit mystifying that when smokers can afford to buy cigarettes in the first place, which aren’t a cheap carry on, especially if you smoke packets and packets a week, why they can’t carry on buying vapes as surely the cost of one replaces the other. Where do you stop, do you give away multiple slimming aids to the people who are spending the National Debt on food? I just wonder where it will all stop don’t you.

These are self inflicted addictions, and while I fully understand what it is like to be addicted to something, to me, I always said that my dad and brother were playing Russian Roulette with their lives and risking dying of so many diseases, which sadly they did.

I had cancer foisted on me through no fault of my own and wasn’t given a choice in the matter, yet I couldn’t stop the pair of them from smoking their heads off, no matter how much I pleaded with them, or make them understand that they did have a choice.

While I can understand both points of view from where I’m standing, should we saddle the NHS with this cost out of public funds, while these people have more free cash in their pocket to do what they want with at the badly hit NHS’ expense? For me no, just carry on vaping until you’ve had enough and see what is happening to your health and that of your family around you. Never mind the devastation it causes when someone you love dies of heart disease or cancer or one of the many things that can happen when you smoke. That would give me incentive enough to stop, I don’t know about you.

Lungs of a smoker, photo from Nairaland Forum

Seeing the inside of a smokers lungs on a post-mortem would stop me instantly as they look like black soot deposited lungs instead of nice pink healthy ones, not a pretty sight. I’ve even found you this nice, gorey photo. So all you smokers and vapers out there have a little think and hopefully try to pack it in!

Missed Appointments

While I’m rattling on my soapbox I thought I would have to mention all the missed appointments both in Wyre, Fylde and Lancashire that are costing the NHS yet again another fortune.

Missed appointments including GP’s, practice nurses and other health care workers are costing the NHS £250,000 a MONTH, can you believe, just because people won’t say when they don’t want to come to one, unbelievable.

The wasted cash, which amounts to £3 million a year, could have paid for 12 nurses wages for a month, funded 29 heart bypasses or 45 hip replacements. We all know how long we have to wait for an appointment these days, too long. I’ve just waited two weeks to see the doctor of my choice and when someone else could step into a missed slot it’s a bit selfish, don’t you think, to not inform the surgery or hospital.

Our own surgery, Cleveleys Group Practice, had 224 missed appointments in December 2017. I don’t know whether people are too scared to go or what but what a waste don’t you think.

I went to the docs last week and am going back next week. As my GP sorted out some routine blood tests for me that I was seeing the nurse about, I told the receptionist that I didn’t need to see the nurse and someone else could have the slot which seems only fair to me. Put it this way, if I had a good wait for an appointment and someone offered me a cancelled one I would jump at it (not literally) but you get the drift.

The thing that tickled me in the report was the statistic that GP’s all across England were treating 41.5 patients a day which left me wondering would it be the top half or the bottom half of the .5 person. Can you just imagine it, I mean who on earth comes up with all these daft numbers (obviously it’s an average, it just sounds comical).

Anyway, that’s my take on it all and no doubt you will also have plenty to say on the subject!

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