Trolley Tales

Trolley Tales

I am seriously beginning to think that we are all mad in our house, or should I say I know we are.

After tea the other day we were discussing going shopping, as we usually do after going to the Regal coffee morning on Friday. Jane was saying that she wanted to go in Home Bargains. Nothing unusual in that, but the problem comes with the two hours parking limit on the Wyre residents badge. We already have to get to the coffee morning later than everyone else as, if we didn’t, we would run out of parking time. We all know what that means don’t we!

Lurking traffic wardens

We’ve had a few occasions when traffic wardens have been hovering around, trying to catch us as we rushed back to the car laden up with heavy bags. It all goes back to the subject that I’ve mentioned before, as to why two hours parking just isn’t enough. We’ve found that we only have time to go in certain shops as we know our time will be up if we go in any more, so it would be good if the residents parking was extended to three hours and then we could maybe have a sit down in the sun if we wanted for two minutes. That’s if you can find an empty seat, which leads me on to wondering why there aren’t more seats in a resort that encourages coach loads of visitors!

Taxi for two

Anyway, back to my story. We were discussing this problem as I wanted one or two bits from other shops as well, so we were wondering if Kevin should drop us off and then pick us up so there would be no worries about getting nabbed, which we surely would do if we wanted to do some extra shopping. The trouble is, it would mean four journeys there and back when he’s trying to work, so Jane came up with this idea, let’s see what you think.

Trolley Dolley

Not only is the time an issue, it also means carrying heavy shopping all the way back to the car park and with my aches and pains it’s no easy thing to do believe me, there’s no wonder I’m shrinking! So she had the idea that it would be wonderful if the town of Cleveleys had miniature sort of square shopping trolleys, big enough to carry your bags in but not so big to clog up the shops, and have them in the car parks with a deposit fee, just like you get with a normal supermarket trolley.

Shopping Trolley

After Kevin had picked himself up with shock and declaring that he wasn’t going to be seen pushing a shopping trolley, not on his life, we just saw the funny side.

I could imagine all these people pushing trolleys everywhere and barging into shops with them, pretty much like dodgems I would imagine wouldn’t you, with tempers being lost on the way. Not very bright from that point of view, I think! Then I chipped in and said that she would need a sign on the trolley to tell everyone that she wasn’t a bag lady with all her worldly goods in it, which somehow made them all laugh, I can’t think why. 

This went on for about quarter of an hour, I can’t even remember what was said, but Kevin was getting sillier, and the siller that he got the more Jane giggled, and the more ludicrous the ideas were.

Kevin said her brain scan can’t come soon enough, to see if her brain is full of shopping trolleys and that’s what’s causing her eye problems!

She thinks it’s no different to the daft ideas that Kevin has, and he has a lot of them believe me. She even found one on the internet which I didn’t see at the time as I was busy colouring.

Shopping trolley

I think that was what made Kevin say he wasn’t pushing any trolley anywhere, but myself I blame it all on her wanting a cleaning trolley.

Yes, she would love one of those dust carts (like this one below) that council workers go round with putting new plastic bags in bins and picking litter up. She keeps saying that when she retires (that’s a laugh to those who know her) she is getting one and being an eccentric old lady who pushes her rubbish cart round tidying up after people, while wearing stripey socks.

Rubbish cart

Well there’s aspiration for you. I bet she would be on her own in that one, I can’t see many of us Silver Surfers wanting to do road sweeping in our retirement can you, but as they say, you don’t have to be mad to live here but it helps. That really applies in our house although it did give us all a good laugh as our imagination ran riot.

Me and my trolley

I used to have a shopping trolley when I was younger as it was a ten minute walk to the shops with a steep hill to climb on the way back. As I went every day I decided that my arms weren’t going to get longer with the weight of the bags. Jane says no to a normal shopping trolley as she’s not an old woman, but I had one in my thirties and forties as I was on my own shopping then, and was glad of my trolley.

Anyway, if you see her pushing a trolley cart in Cleveleys don’t be surprised, it’s just Jane being mad!!

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