Tram Sunday and Re-opening of the Libraries

Tram Sunday and Re-opening of the Libraries

Here we go again, yesterday was another wet and cold start to the day, it’s almost like we have one good, one bad don’t you think, although it sounds as though it’s going to be nice today for Tram Sunday, how lucky are they!

Me and Neptune at Tram Sunday last year

I suppose we will be going and joining the thousands of people who will turn up to see what they are missing which is good as there is such a lot of hard work going and gone into organising an event like this that it would be a shame if no one turned up, well maybe not many, that’s a better way to put it. We usually go every year although I did miss one year when I was pretty ill, so watch out for the madhouse crew and say hello if you see us.

You can download the programme for Tram Sunday and get all the details here

Spot Chrissie in the crowd at Tram Sunday

Chrissie at Tram Sunday last year

Back to the decorating…

Derek and Kevin have gone back to working on the front bedroom yet again as they have to work all week which doesn’t give them a lot of time to get cracking on. The hallway and one of the bathrooms is crammed full of furniture and all the things that you have in a room and which didn’t seem to take up a lot of space when it’s tidy, but you soon find out how much there really is when you start finding places to put it all!

Of course, Derek has got his grumpy head on as he’s been sanding and painting the woodwork (what little bit there is) and always has to get in a mood when he’s doing something he doesn’t really want to do, but as I pointed out to him, we all have to do things we don’t want to do, me included, so just get on with it.

I’m just hoping it looks nice when it’s finished as I’ve picked a wallpaper that normally I wouldn’t buy and is darker than I usually get, so fingers and toes crossed that I don’t have to say that I don’t like it or else the balloon will well and truly go up, probably with me attached to it. (Jane: you’re for the high jump if you do decide you don’t like it)

Can’t you just imagine it, me floating up to the clouds in true Mary Poppins style with the men cheering as I disappear! Oh well, it’s all good fun or so they tell me, although I know two people who wouldn’t agree with me at the moment. At this rate we’ll still be decorating on Christmas Day, now wouldn’t that be fun for a change!!

A song for everything

We keep trying to cheer them up by singing to them as we have a song for everything. If someone speaks in our house, Jane and I start belting out the appropriate song to follow the cue, in not the best of voices I must admit, but I can’t understand why Kevin goes and gets his ear plugs can you?

On Friday when they came down from the office for tea, there was a lot of laughter in the kitchen while Jane was asking me what the pop group ‘Black Lace’ were famous for, well their song that is, while Kevin was covering his ears ready for the onslaught.

As I can never remember pop groups and who sang what, it was a road to nowhere as I couldn’t remember. Kevin was looking at me as if to say ‘don’t you dare tell her or else’ while sniggering away at the thought of her singing the ‘song’.  Jane thought I was sticking up for her but I really couldn’t remember, so when Kevin whispered Agadoo-doo-doo or however it’s spelled, I cracked out laughing as Jane hates that sort of song.

It didn’t stop us though, as Jane and I immediately started singing the song while cavorting round the kitchen with our arms flying everywhere. Well we thought we sounded good, but when the other two ran out of the kitchen screaming it did make me wonder if we were as good as we thought! Anyway, it got Kevin back for trying to give Jane ear-worms!

Cleveleys Libraries

Just a little bit of local news now as I hear that it was passed to re-open the libraries that were closed down under the previous Labour rule at Lancashire County Council, which will be good for all concerned. I’m not exactly sure of the details and which ones, you’ll have to check online.

The libraries have changed beyond recognition from when I used to stagger home with arms full of books which I had picked in the complete silence of the library. Heaven help you if you had a cough or sneezed or you got the most dirty look from the librarians. Nobody talked, not even in a whisper, and I personally thought the atmosphere was awful, it was sort of like if you started a conversation the local bobby would come, lock you up and throw the key away.

So when I went to the one at Cleveleys where our group had an event going, I was amazed at the difference. Everyone was busy chatting away, different events were held there, and all sorts of things for the community to get together, so why close down such a valuable hub for the town, plus reading is one of the best ways to learn anything, and today they are full of computers for anyone to access the internet.

My dad always told me to read as it was the best way of educating yourself and I was an avid reader from being very young. We had a complete works of William Shakespeare and a set of Charles Dickins books which I started reading when I was about nine years old and slowly worked my way through the lot, such was my desire to read. I brought Jane up to love books from being very young so she too was an avid reader, so to take all that away from people is such a shame so I for one will be glad it’s opening again!

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