Tickets Please

Tickets Please

Just a quick thought to start my blog today, about the woman who came to Blackpool from Somerset and was ticketed ‘eight minutes’ after she arrived here and promptly dropped a cigarette butt in the road.

Cigarette end

The woman was fined £80 which she says she won’t pay as there were no signs anywhere to tell you not to do it and as she says it was ‘a force of habit ’that made her drop the stub she seemed to think that it was OK.

Personally I applaud Blackpool Council for having zero tolerance as it’s not her one tab end, it’s the millions that we see along with loads of rubbish that people think it’s OK to drop everywhere, well it’s not.

It’s careless and shows little respect for the place where they happen to be at the time. Blackpool struggles enough with its reputation without people throwing whatever they want to onto the floor don’t you think, and as for saying there are no signs to say don’t do it, well what can you say.

At that point I would say that there aren’t signs outside shops saying ‘don’t shoplift in here’ so does that mean that people people need to be told not to steal? I don’t think so, normal people don’t need to be told how to behave properly and not to thieve, so surely the same applies to littering and cigarette stubs.

I wish there was zero tolerance all over the country and especially where we live in Wyre, that would make people realise it’s not OK to throw rubbish everywhere and if they do there will be consequences and then, and only then, will people know that they will be hit in the pocket if they try to make this country a litter tip.

Sadly, some people won’t be told, so, to me, people like the woman who says she isn’t going to pay the fine and will go to court (all the way from Somerset, and at what cost) deserve all that they get. They need to learn that it’s not OK to have a ‘force of habit’ and that it’s a habit they need to break, and quickly!!

What do you think?

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Mother’s Day – and a lovely day it was too

Now that I’ve got that off my chest, I’ll go onto more sedate matters of the weekend weather and Mother’s Day.

It was yet another beautiful day yesterday for us all to enjoy, it was wonderful. Sunday was sooo busy here on the front on our prom, the beach was full of people enjoying themselves, lots of people were just strolling about and it made me feel as though Summer had come never mind Spring.

We are just about getting finished in our house from decorating the lounge and my does it seem to have taken ages. The trouble is that everything stops in the working week so it’s been a drawn out job as we have had so much work done, but at least it all looks fresh and nice so that’s all that matters.

Derek spent a while on Tuesday afternoon recovering two of our four dining chairs as the old ones had gone a bit shall we say ‘not up to scratch’ so we went for a completely different look and are covering them in some yellow Orla Kierley fabric that we found at the weekend.

New dining chair seat covers

I must say that he does a great job of covering them, with the help of his trusty staple gun that’s older than Jane, in spite of a few choice words at times when he wanted to!

Kevin was busy as well and so they declined our offer to go to Burnside in the hope of finishing our marathon decorating job for once and for all! The only trouble was, Derek only did two of the seats so there are another two to do and as he’s famous for stopping half way through a job and pretending he’s finished. I can see that a bit of ‘gentle’ nagging in his ear will be required, if you see what I mean.

Where have all the Mother’s gone?

Anyway, off we went in the Sunday afternoon sunshine to enjoy a couple of hours out of the chaos and even though the roads were busy, Burnside was remarkably quiet. We thought that as it was Mother’s Day the place would be heaving with daughters taking their mums out for a treat but no, it was nearly empty.

We had a good look around and I couldn’t resist the temptation of a bunny egg cup as I love collecting them and have quite a few now, so that one came home with me to join its egg cup friends so at least it won’t be lonely, aren’t I a dope! After coming away with the obligatory bag of bird seed and yet another pair of secateurs (Jane has a thing about small handled secateurs) we popped into the Plant Place to see what was what and again that was almost deserted – although to be fair it was getting late by the time we got there.

Chrissie on Mother's Day

All I can think is that the lure of the sunshine and being in the great outdoors was more tempting than going to a garden centre, although I bet it would have been packed if it had rained, don’t you?

Chrissie on Mothers Day

We had a little diversion to have a look at the seafront at Anchorsholme, and got back just in time to get the tea ready, weren’t we lucky, so once we’d fed the clan we went in for a bit of rest and relaxation in the lovely afternoon sunshine.

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