Thoughts for Tuesday in my Blog Today

Thoughts for Tuesday in my Blog Today

Here I am again everyone. Jane banned me from doing my blog this last few days as she is up to the eyes in work and she is the one who puts my ramblings on the internet.  I kept saying that I must do a blog to which she kept saying ‘noooooo I’m too busy and haven’t got the time’ so there you are, banned by my own daughter from writing!

New Illuminations

The particular reason why she didn’t want me to do a blog was because they have just released our revamped Blackpool Illuminations website. website

Between them they have completely rebuilt it and after transferring the content Jane decided that most of it needed a rewrite, so she’s been plodding her way through that. It’s taken her about an hour a page to do, so you can imagine it’s been a big job. So for a week she’s been prattling about the Lights and content management systems!

The Relentless March of Christmas

What with non-stop talk about the Illuminations and the weather being up and down it’s enough to make you think that summer is over. Then you find out that Tesco are stocking up on Christmas chocolates already.

Quality Street

They have tubs of Heroes, Quality Street and Celebrations piled up in their stores, all for the princely sum of £5. That is of course if you all feel like buying chocolates so early, even before the kids are back at school and some people haven’t had their Summer holidays yet.

The tins are definitely for Christmas as they have snow scenes on them and some are displayed next to the back-to-school things for children. You couldn’t make it up could you. I know the weather has been pretty poor for Summer but really, as someone said, are they going to put Easter eggs on sale before we have Halloween?

Myself, I think they should be banned, that is all the shops from starting Christmas before Summer is over. I’d already said to Jane that at the end of August Christmas cards and all things merry will be coming into the shops. For me, it completely puts me off Christmas as it is rammed down your throat continually don’t you think?

Christmas has lost all its meaning to me. For years it’s been far too commercialised and the selling of things for the good old Yuletide has become so obviously a money making thing, which is not what Christmas was supposed to be. So that’s my opinion for what it’s worth, stop them I say!!!

Sunday Stroll

On Sunday afternoon Jane and I went for a walk on the prom as it was quite a nice day for once and it was lovely too.

Cleveleys beach

It was very busy and plenty of people were enjoying the beach and the prom was heaving with people all out to enjoy ‘Summer’ while it lasts! We had a sit down and saw some friends who we had a chat with and lots of laughs which brightens you up don’t you think, so after we’d had a good old natter we carried on our walk.

The pools that are formed around some of the groynes make ideal paddling pools for children and they weren’t half enjoying themselves splashing about in the water.

Playing on the beach

They had their little costumes on and were having a whale of a time while mums and dads looked on.

It took me straight back to when Jane was that age and we always tried to find a ‘safe’ pool of water for her to play in without going to the sea. She loved doing just what they were doing, playing with her bucket and spade in the water and having a good old time, safely. It’s so nice to see people enjoying the beach and the prom, after all that’s what it’s all about isn’t it, so enjoy the fresh air while you can before Autumn starts to drop on us. Or has it already!

The Eyes Have It

Did you know that a simple eye test that uses a chemical found in curry could spot Alzheimer’s disease twenty years before symptoms develop?

What good news for all those who might be prone to it, and as it seems to run in my family, I for one could do with finding out if I’m going to go that way. As it’s like living in a madhouse here, it does make you wonder if there’s no hope for all of us that live here!

Actually, I’m not trying to make fun of the disease as I know all too well the horrors of it, especially when there is the disease in past relatives as we have. But I tend to think that I’ll worry about it if and when it comes, as at the moment nothing can be done to spot early symptoms.

Researchers have found that Curcumin pills would light up deposits in the brain proteins that could be seen in the retina after studies showed that those with Alzheimer’s had twice as many amyloid plaques in their eyes as healthy people.

Of course, Curcumin is found in the spice turmeric. With fluorescent lighting it shows up amyloid deposits on scans so hopefully there will be a cheap, free from anything invasive, screening programme that could show those most at risk.

The only drawback for me is that me and turmeric and I don’t get on well together if you know what I mean, so if I was offered the test I would have to make sure that I had plenty of toilet rolls handy if you get me. But anything that can help to sort out this dreadful condition can only be good don’t you think!

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