The Great British Summer at the Seaside

The Great British Summer at the Seaside

Before we get to foreign climes, we’ll start with my favourite subject. Wasn’t it a bit of a day on Sunday afternoon and evening. After a sunny morning, down came the rain and it poured and blew, so jobs done, the three of us decided that it was a lazy Winter afternoon, even though it’s supposed to be Summer, and as such, we settled down for the rest of the day doing absolutely nothing.

Kevin must have been feeling energetic or something as earlier on he decided to clean the pond filters which he does anyway every week when they are feeding, but Sunday seemed to be the day he felt like giving it a super sonic valet if you know what I mean, even though it’s not a car! There he was with the lid off, jet wash out, all the chambers exposed to the elements and within a few minutes when he had got the brushes out of the filter tank, it started raining.

I didn’t go down and see him but Derek did and took some sneaky photos from upstairs. Our enterprising Kevin had built a plastic cover over the area he was working in, which is just like him as should have been an inventor, he really has missed his way. But anyway, something seemed to have gone wrong with the tent because he was getting wetter and wetter by the minute poor lad.

I would have just given the brushes and chambers etc a good wash and rammed it all back in until another day, but no, when he finally came in, he was soddened wet through from top to bottom and quickly shot into the shower! Eventually he came out with a very red face from the heat of the water and looking a bit more like our Kevin. Meanwhile, Jane and I laid horizontal on the sofa and watched TV recordings we’d not managed to watch and did a bit of colouring at the same time, bliss. A very lazy afternoon doing nothing, just what the doctor ordered.

I’d rather have rain than queues

So, given the fact that we’re enjoying the Great British Summer at the Seaside, what do you all think about all the queues at the airports in certain parts of Europe?

I would have the screaming ab-dabs if I was standing in such long queues for hours on end like people have been doing, they would have found me crumpled up in a heap on the floor, as, if I stand in one spot for ten minutes I am in agony with the old arthritis!

Holiday queues August 2017

It seems that two million of us daft Brits are flying abroad at the moment and smack bang into the middle of airport chaos. Majorca alone are expecting to get 190,000 visitors and have described it as a ‘deluge’. After all the advice that’s been on TV about arriving three hours early instead of the usual two, it seems that people still have missed their flights because of the long queues with everyone trying to go on holiday and increased procedures at check in. What a start to your holiday, I think I would be off back to sunny Cleveleys where there aren’t any queues!

To make matters worse, Barcelona airport staff are also holding a pay strike, so never mind the poor passengers who are dropping like flies, let’s make them more miserable by going on strike, welcome or goodbye to sunny Barcelona. As a result of all these delays, some people are waiting up to eight hours which is seriously not funny, you don’t get that here in sunny Cleveleys either!

Beautiful Costa-del-Cleveleys
Beautiful Costa-del-Cleveleys!

It seems that security has had to be beefed up because of threats from a Spanish anarchist group as they are protesting about tourist overcrowding. I saw on TV last night all the walls that were daubed with ‘visitors not welcome’ along with placards and posters, they were everywhere, what a welcome for someone boosting Spain’s economy don’t you think. All the jobs that any tourist creates, hotel staff, food caterers, the list is endless would all stop if tourists thought ‘stuff you, we aren’t going where we’re not welcome’ don’t you agree.

Masked men actually targeted a bus load of visitors in Barcelona, slashing tyres, while in Palma Majorca others let off smoke bombs in a restaurant. Imagine how you’d feel if you saw all that smoke you would most probably think that you were under serious attack and want to get the heck out of there, I certainly would, heroism isn’t high on my list of things to do I’m afraid!

Myself, I shall be staying put with my feet firmly on the ground, where hopefully I won’t get burnt alive because of the 40 degrees heat, shot at, blown up or any of the other things that go off in foreign countries. I would guarantee that I would be the one in the middle of it all and get blown to bits knowing my luck, so a flight to the skies is off I’m afraid.

As for the heat, I’ve known people go to Tenerife for a fortnight and it was so hot they had to stay in the hotel the full two weeks. Now am I missing something here or is it just me, now I’m not saying that we couldn’t do with the heat turning up in sunny Britain, but when I’ve got the sand and sea outside of my front door, every day feels like a holiday, and no queues either!

What do you think?

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