The Future of Uncle Tom's Cabin

The Future of Uncle Tom's Cabin

At last it’s here and by the time you read this it will be gone thank goodness, yes I’m talking about the General Election, I wonder if anyone else is fed up of listening to them going on, I shall be glad when we can go back to normal TV, that’s my thought for today. Having said that, no doubt for the next few days I suppose we’ll be having post mortems on the election and then we might all settle down, hopefully.

I was interested to see that Uncle Tom’s Cabin has been sold after eighteen months of being up for sale. It seems that the Ma Kelly’s chain have bought it, which will prevent it from being demolished which I think would have been a shame.

Uncle Tom's Cabin, photo: TripAdvisor
Photo: Trip Advisor

I remember passing it when I was a little girl, and as it was opened in the 1850’s I would wouldn’t I, although of course I’m not that old, well not quite anyway! It started out in life as a small hut on the cliffs where the landlady Margaret Parkinson sold refreshments to visitors who took the cliff path from Blackpool. I bet they needed some when they’d walked all that way don’t you, I certainly would.

Sadly the cliffs started to erode (I hope they don’t do that anymore especially if I’m walking on them) so the hut was demolished in 1908 before it was in real trouble. Another hotel of the same name opened on Queen’s Promenade  in 1907 where it still is to this day.

Lots of companies have been interested in the site but it’s future wasn’t certain because of the amount of work which it needs, and it was even speculated that it might be demolished and used as a building site – that was until Ma Kelly’s jumped in to make Uncle Tom’s Cabin the sixth hostelry on the coast that they own. They’re going to call it ‘Ma Kellys Showboat and Uncle Toms Sports Bar.’

It seems that the pub had been on the market for the princely sum of £750,000 and it sounds as though they are going to make into Ma Kelly’s showboat and a Champs sports bar after first spending half a million on renovating it. The pub is going to be completely ripped out (I bet it’s ready for that) with the front of the pub having a luxury cabaret lounge with a full floor show on Fridays and Saturdays with a vocalist comedian and a resident compere so that will be interesting.

On Thursday and Sunday there will be live entertainment with for all the sports mad people a Sports bar at the rear with a giant video wall, big screens, pool, snooker and all the latest sport. All you women wave goodbye to your men forever when that is open I bet, I’m sure that will be a big draw of course not forgetting the ladies as some love sport too, I’m just not one of them myself.

There will also be a beer garden situated at the front which will be nice for families in the Summer evenings and as the owners are taking the pub over on June 23rd, they are re-opening it on August 3rd. Good luck with that then, that is a lot of work in a short time, but seriously, good luck and I hope they make a beautiful place out it.

I think it will be quite a draw to people where it is as there isn’t much like that round that area so should be popular with residents and visitors alike and with the present owners fearing that any new owner would probably knock it down simply because of all the work it would involve to get it up and running again. I personally am pleased that such a prominent pub with such a long and well loved history isn’t going to be pulled down, and it’s nice that they are incorporating the Uncle Tom’s Cabin name somewhere into it as it has been there so long under that name (and no doubt everyone will still call it that).

Well, I think that’s that one covered so I’ll just have to mention the weather, it wouldn’t be me without it would it.

Again yesterday we had morning rain with dark skies and then a little bit of sunshine now and then, so as we are on holiday next week, I would ask anyone else who is holidaying in Britain not to, because as you know, every time we mention having a holiday, it throws it down, blows a gale and is freezing, so you have been warned. It’s a wonder we weren’t off this week but with rain promised on Saturday, I hope it’s not a bad omen for us!!

Don’t forget that this weekend it’s Cleveleys Car Show and Thornton Cleveleys Gala, so we keep checking the weather and crossing our fingers for a fine day on Sunday x

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