The Demon Dentist of Blackpool

The Demon Dentist of Blackpool

It’s the start of the glad rags season for us, kicking off with the Christmas party held by the Rossall beach community group, so after tea last night jane and I went gadding off to have a laugh with our friends.

There is one thing for sure we always have lots of fun and laughter because we are such a noisy bunch when we get together. Imagine all of us singing together, I dread to think what we sound like. Alan, one of our friends brought his keyboard and equipment so we had lots of Christmas songs and fun with it.

We had cakes from Taylors, yum yum, they are so tasty, I bet we’ll not be able to move by the time we’ve finished don’t you. We had a great time so I’ll tell you more about it in the next episode.

On Friday we are having Christmas dinner with our friends from the Regal chat group and after that we have quite a lot more different ones to go to right up to Christmas, so guess who’ll look like a porky pig before she’s finished, yep, me! It had forecast gale force winds and heavy rain just in time for us to go out, but thankfully it wasn’t too bad. Wouldn’t you know, every time we go somewhere it rains, guaranteed. Ah well, never mind.

B&B Dentist

Have you seen the news about the woman who decided to set up shop in a Blackpool B&B and become a dentist.

False teeth

I couldn’t believe what I was reading when I saw that she was doing it in the kitchen as well, and not very clean either by the sound of it. The woman has never had any training or belong to professional bodies that genuine dentists do but the whistle has been blown on the would be Sweeney Todd, although maybe that’s going a bit too far as I assume she didn’t chop the patients up and put them in meat pies like he did.

Anyway back to reality, the woman has set herself up calling it ‘Central Dental Laboratory’ and advertised on line and with a rather large card in the window of the B&B.

She was once a nurse which doesn’t make her a dentist does it really. A patient ended up in her hands who couldn’t get an appointment for a broken denture with her own dentist, and her practice advised her to Google to find a technician who could sort her out, especially as the woman was making a speech that day and you wouldn’t want to be talking with broken dentures would you.

Having looked up and found the Central Dental Laboratory, which does sound professional, they told her they could help her so off she went, not knowing what she was letting herself in for. She soon found out when she got there and arrived at a B&B. Now I would have probably headed for the hills when I saw that but maybe she was desperate not to look peculiar when she made her speech, understandably, so in she went much to her cost –  and not only the price!

The poor woman was told to wait in the lounge while the repairs were done and then the ‘dentist’ tried to ram the denture into place having brought it to the patient in a tea towel, (well you just don’t do you, let’s hope she hadn’t been drying dishes with it first) and then she took her to the kitchen sink.

Apparently the room was small, dirty and shelved out with the sink full of paint splatters. The pseudo woman proceeded to mix some water and powder and then pushed something like a gum shield into her mouth to take an impression, which of course you do when you want a new denture or something so at least she knew that much.

By this time the patient was getting more and more wound up, well you would wouldn’t you, I would have been heading for the hills by now while clutching my broken denture and thinking the audience waiting for speech would have to take me as they found me. But as the patient told the Dental Council investigators, nothing was sterile so she took the denture out and gave the woman twenty pounds while being terrified that she would get an infection as everything was so dirty!

Her equipment came out of what looked like an old ice cream container, let’s hope there wasn’t any dribs and drabs of ice cream left there. The patient reported the woman obviously, and the woman said that she didn’t know who the patient was, but she was found not to be registered and was not allowed to carry out treatment. No surprise there then, although she did admit to having a ‘little lab’ in the guest house and did treat patients and her training was in ‘life’ can you believe.

She had no patient records or an appointment diary so for her pains she was fined £180 and ordered to pay £590 costs. I think she was let off lightly I don’t know about you. She could have caused untold harm to people never mind infecting them, but if I turned up there and saw the carry on, I would not have gone into the B&B even if I was desperate, but you know what they say, it takes all sorts which it certainly did in this case!

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