'The Day that Didn't Happen'

'The Day that Didn't Happen'

I think it’s fair to say that Kevin had just the sort of birthday he wanted on the 5th. Hes been telling us for months that he didn’t want any presents at all, no fuss ,nothing at all, or else. As he’s celebrated a milestone birthday that we aren’t allowed to mention, we did just that, except unknown to him we planned to give him some presents the day before on the 4th after all, it wasn’t the 5th was it, so he couldn’t grumble!

When it came to it he loved what we had bought him, after all you’re not ….. every day are you, so Jane and I decided that we weren’t going against his wishes as it wasn’t his birthday properly was it, that was to come the day after.

When tea time came we had another surprise for him, as usual we always have a birthday cake and he wasn’t being left out this year just because he was ….! We sang to him ‘happy not-birthday to you’ which was OK by him as we didn’t mention his age and it wasn’t his birthday, so that was fine.

Birthday cake

We got him one of those caterpillar ones to make him smile, so he presided over the cutting of the cake and as always we have to make a wish when we cut the cake, so then began the decision of who was getting which bit.

Now if you don’t know, we have a vote on who wants a cup of tea in our house as we are hopeless at making decisions, so once he sorted out who got a foot and who was getting the chocolate covered end and not forgetting the smartie eyes, off we went enjoying his cake.

We did all the ‘birthday’ things on Saturday so when Sunday came there were no nasty surprises at all, only our cards that we saved for the proper day so everyone was happy. Kevin because he didn’t face his actual birthday day, not sure why, and us because we didn’t have to let him forgo his presents, and so a nice time was had by all. 

Christmas Baubles

After a busy morning, with the sun shining its head off and Jane wanting to go to Burnside to get some things from the craft shop there, off we all went without a mention of a birthday, much to his relief. First job was to have a look at all the Christmas things they were selling and I decided I liked the all the white, silver and pale blue things that were on show.

When I was young, most of the baubles were red and gold with an odd bit of green thrown in so now when I see them, it transports me back to my childhood and the little choice there was, so I have totally altered my taste to more modern trends.

I couldn’t resist buying two pretty little birds with pale blue and grey and white feathers, they were telling me to take them home so what can you do but put them in the basket ready to be taken home. It was quite busy and a sight warmer than outside which was freezing by then so when we had bought what we wanted, we went to the Plant Place to have a look at their Christmas stuff.

Christmas baubles

We’ve been going there for donkey’s years and have always liked the place even when it wasn’t as developed as it is today, as the place is always immaculate everywhere, just as I would have it if I had a garden centre. I don’t know about you, but I don’t care for garden places when they are untidy and not looked after and there nobody can say that about them as I commented to the ‘boss’ when I was chatting to him.

I told him what I’ve just said and he was so pleased to hear the comments, but the Christmas decorations, oh my goodness, as they were last year, they were stunning and lots of them. Their Christmas display puts Burnside to shame although to be fair, Burnside is part of a chain of garden centres and does have a bigger selection of gifts and other things inside, while the Plant Place isn’t and is smaller, but I think when it is self owned that most people go the extra mile to make it work, don’t you.

Christmas decorations

Again, we made a beeline for the ornaments with me just glancing at the poor old red ones even though they had some lovely ones. I particularly liked a big white Christmas tree which was covered in white decorations of every kind that you could imagine. There were sort of feather lengths wrapped round it which looked the softest of snow and the sheer size and all the ornaments on it must have made it worth a fortune, although the ‘boss’ told me that some people do come in and buy the tree, lock-stock and barrel which made my eyes water never mind theirs.

As last year they also had free coffee, tea and hot chocolate on the go which is a lovely touch, it’s all about going the extra mile which is what we try to do for our customers and it certainly paid off there.

Anyway, we went back home to tea and the other half of the caterpillar, and thank goodness Kevin declared his lack of a ‘birthday’ day was just what he wanted, so we all agreed that we’d had a lovely family weekend.

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