The Boat that Sailed Back Home

The Boat that Sailed Back Home

So Jane and her dad went for a trip across the M6 to Blackburn yesterday, home of BBC Radio Lancashire where they went on air talking about the painting that was resurrected by a complete stranger, which Derek had painted when he was fifteen.

BBC Radio Lancashire

When they contacted Jane, my poor lad nearly went on his back with his feet in the air at the thought of a live talk on air. That definitely wasn’t him at all, as anyone who knows him will know that he’s probably the quietest in our noisy household, well someone’s got to be haven’t they!

Anyway, off they went bright and early and at least the sun was shining so it was a nice morning for a jaunt. There Kevin and I were at home, listening intently for his dulcet tones to come on the Radio. We thought he was supposed to be on air 10.30am -11am. So there I was, getting the dinner ready and the clock moving on and on, until it crossed my mind that they might have got completely the wrong day which wouldn’t surprise me at all, as it wouldn’t be the first time that had happened!

Kevin had got our phones set up ready to record them hopefully, as we were both super busy and couldn’t stand there listening and I certainly didn’t want to miss that one. Just before 11, they were introduced and off he went and I must say having heard the first part of his story, I felt really proud of him as he sounded great.

Derek with Sally Nadin at BBC Radio Lancashire

I did notice one little slip up but I don’t think anyone else would have, but not a trace of nervousness or anything, so well done. As I was busy bobbing about doing a million things at once as I usually do, I heard a snatch of Jane coming over the air waves when they did a quiz that was on air as well. They were top of the league board the last time I heard them, so well done again.

The boat that came back home

He was telling the story of a painting he’d sent into the TV when he was 15 which came back into his possession via a complete stranger who had bought a job lot in an auction.

The Departure, by Derek Littlewood aged 15

As I’ve said before, the man who bought it tracked Derek down and eventually restored the painting to his rightful owner. It is a wonderful story when you know all the details, that something from 60 years ago could be found again so I’m hoping that the phones have done their magic and recorded it or else, we’ll both be for the chop!!

If you want to have a look at how much he’s improved over the decades, you can see his new paintings at Including lots of boats and local scenes from the Fylde Coast.

One thing’s for certain, he was tired when he did get home poor thing and Jane too, then it was back to work from the world of live Radio Lancashire to the reality of running a business. Ah well, that’s the way of the world isn’t it.

Bigger bills

Just a mention about the news that the council tax is going up in Wyre from April, no surprise there then, and as it was being discussed at a meeting at the Civic Centre yesterday, no doubt it was passed.

If you are in band D for example and you pay £188.31 (presumably for a month which would be nice if it was per year) in 2017/18 you will pay £193.94 – an increase of £5.63 per month as there is an annual shortfall in income of £568,749, so we look like bridging the gap.

It may not sound much, but taking into account everything and its auntie going up it soon whittles away at your pension don’t you think. I think I got the wonderful sum of 25p a week increase on my pension this year so at least it will buy me a go in a toilet with 5p left over! 

Not only have we been quoted an amount, the increase could rise further when police and fire services have their dibs added on, but it does seem that local authorities everywhere are doing the same.

I bet I could save some money if I worked in the council. Again when you see workmen, often a gang leaning on shovels and watching one person work you have to wonder don’t you. I could go on and on but won’t as it makes no difference what anyone says or thinks, the wheels still carry on turning, don’t you think?

Join in 

I’m sorry if you read this at the end of the last blog (and the one before), but it’s important so I’m going to keep repeating it for those who haven’t seen it yet.

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They are reducing the posts that you see from ‘Pages’ (the ones that you ‘Like’) in favour of posts from friends and family and Groups (that you ‘Join’) 

This is their blog post on the subject:

Facebook changes

Jane has set me a new group up so that hopefully you’ll keep seeing my posts. Even if you already like my Facebook page, please join the group until we all see what effect this latest change is going to have. It also means that we’ll be able to talk to each other more easily too – which will be nice.

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