Sweeney Todd and Bargain Loving Brits

Sweeney Todd and Bargain Loving Brits

Jane decided to do a bit of hair cutting and tidying up for the men on Sunday and little did we know that it would turn into a drama.

My dear hubby soon gets upset if she decides to cut too much off as he is going thin on top so as usual we started off by him telling her not to go mad with the scissors and make him look bald, which I have to say I agree with.

After a lot of wrangling (the usual carry on when he has his hair cut) she then got to work on the hair in his ears as it does tend to look as though he’s got a bush that is trying to escape from his brain via his ears. I was in the kitchen doing womanly things when I heard a commotion start up with Derek’s voice getting louder and louder.

Intrigued I went to see what was going off to see said hubby with a length of toilet roll sticking out from one nostril. I immediately got the picture, as I realised she’d been having a poke up his nostrils with the scissors and had managed to cut him.

Now this wouldn’t be too bad, apart from the fact that he takes blood thinners which means that if he starts bleeding for whatever reason, he bleeds and bleeds and bleeds and doesn’t know when to stop. Of course, the other two in our family thought it was highly hilarious to see him with a wad of toilet paper soaked in blood hanging from his nostril, poor thing.

Hairdressing injury

This took place at about 10.30am and it was still bleeding at 3pm, so he was walking round looking very sorry for himself because every time he took the paper out it bled and bled. I told him to press the paper as hard as he could to try and stop it bleeding with pressure. My other two weren’t much good at all due to the laughing and jokes they kept making, so Derek disappeared and drew a cartoon which I think Jane might show you if she’s photographed it.


He kept telling them that it wasn’t funny which made them laugh even more, but eventually it did stop. To make matters worse, his nose was running and he was desperate to blow it and knew he couldn’t or the floodgates would open! I did wonder if it would make him cut his own hair nose in future but I’m not holding my breath!

Next it was Kevin’s turn, much to my dismay, as I was hoping he would soon have a few curls growing again. When I said this, they both shouted that she was only tidying it up which I found hard to believe knowing them, and when she started with the clippers on his hair I thought all would be lost and we would have a prisoner living with us again!

Thankfully she didn’t carry on balding him and did tidy his toupee and neck hair up, so he still looks recognisable as our Kevin, happily for me.

Bargain Brits in Blackpool

Tales of the hairdressing over I thought I would touch on the Bargain Brits in Blackpool after watching another episode.

It was comical watching Clare Smith from Number One, as we know her well and couldn’t help but have a laugh at her antics.

Bargain loving Brits in Blackpool, Claire Smith

Again, thank goodness, Blackpool wasn’t made to look as though it was ‘horrible’ to live here as some previous programmes have done, and we all commented on how clean everything looked. Even the Coral Island skull and crossbones looked bright and clean.

It certainly made the town look a happy place to come and visit, so I hope the rest of the series carries on in the same vein. It was interesting to see Uncle Tom’s Cabin being done up on the North Shore at Bispham as it had gone a right mess.

Ma Kellys at Uncle Tom's Cabin, photo by Stephen Pierre
Ma Kellys at Uncle Tom’s Cabin, photo by Stephen Pierre

As we’ve passed it we’ve watched what was happening but only on the outside of course so it was brilliant to see the inside and what they’d done. I loved the yellow and white colour scheme, well I would wouldn’t I as I do like yellow shades, but we did wonder how long they would stay so light and bright! All in all with the cabaret bar and alterations it certainly looked a fun place to go, so that’s another eyesore cleaned up, thank goodness.

Throwing a ‘sickie’

Just a quick one to finish with.

It seems that already one in ten Brits plan to have a ‘sickie’ after the works Christmas party, with a lot of people already having decided what they are going to say.

One claimed that he had no ‘clean clothes’ while another said he’d swallowed a spider. Good job I wasn’t there then wasn’t it! Another one from a previous ‘sickie’ had said that the noise of the party had given him sore ears, while food poisoning was the top excuse.

Did you know that IT workers are the worst for doing it as an awfully high percentage admitted that they usually call in sick after parties. I would say they are lucky if they get away with it don’t you, I would never have done that when I was younger, but that’s being old fashioned and having a work ethic for you!!

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