Supermarket Sweep - or Slow Lane?

Supermarket Sweep - or Slow Lane?

But first, what about all the wind we’ve had this week, I was beginning to wonder if it would ever stop – thankfully it’s died down today. It’s been quite cold as well, we had to have the central heating on on Monday night as it was quite cold indoors, unheard of in June!!

Our poor garden which was looking lovely with the roses, honeysuckle, clematis and other plants, has really had a bashing this last couple of days but what can we expect with nothing in front of us to break it but sea. But I still love being here even though I haven’t been able to see through the windows because of the sand that has blown at them – fortunately the rain overnight has washed some of it off!

The view over the beach - in June!

Tuesday was our supermarket afternoon, so with the rain lashing at the house and hardly being able to stand up in the wind, I suggested that we would be better going to Sainsbury’s in Blackpool so that we could shop and park completely under cover. That just left us trying to negotiate the drive to get into the car which we managed, but ended up looking as though we’d been pulled through several hedges backwords. I joke not, the wind and rain were fierce and on the prom, sand was blowing everywhere with it piling up on the pavements in places. Somebody was going to have a right job clearing all that up I thought to myself, glad it wasn’t me!

Eventually with the car doing a bit of rocking from side to side in some heavy gusts of wind on the prom, we went to Blackpool and sailed straight through the traffic, a miracle, no traffic jams and the pleasure of parking under cover and not getting blown to bits or attacked by sand particles which can sting like mad if it’s windy enough. It wasn’t very busy in there which wasn’t surprising when you saw how bad the weather was, the streets were very quiet and when we passed the end of Cleveleys on the way, that too looked pretty empty, I bet the shopkeepers were annoyed about that.

We eventually got all our shopping and went to find a till to pay, with a very full trolley in tow might I add, but surprise surprise, as we passed all the checkouts, Jane started ranting as she always does, about the amount of people who were in long queues with hand baskets with perhaps a couple of things in them, instead of going to the self-service checkouts.

Supermarket self service checkout - photo Wikipedia
Photo: Wikipedia

She can’t understand why some people flatly refuse to use them especially when there is always someone on hand to help or even check you through and sort it out if you don’t know how, but I think what gets her goat is that some people with handbaskets, not all, come to the proper checkouts and start staring at you as if to say ‘well let me go before you then I’ve only got a couple of things to pay for’ when they could be served and out of the shop while they are even deciding which aisle to go to.

It won’t be the first nor the last time that we’ve been nudged and given the look which is annoying as we sometimes do let people go in front of us, but not when they are giving you the ‘evil’ eye as if to say let me go first!

I wonder what my readers think about self service checkouts as they seem to keep breeding every time you go into the supermarket. What sets off as a few often ends up with half the shop full of the things which means that trolley people have to queue even more. I can take them or leave them, but I can understand some people’s reluctance to use them because as I keep saying, why don’t they have a standard design all across the board instead of having to manoeuvre round different ones in every shop, then people would be more confident to use them, I think anyway, what do you think?

We were discussing this very thing at lunchtime and we were asking what happened to the hand scanners that were introduced a few years ago, where you scanned your shopping yourself as you went around the shop and then paid on your way out. Were they shop-lifter proof and could you put things in your trolley and not scan them, I’m not sure, but they soon died a death didn’t they. If I were a betting woman I’d say that a lof of theft went on.

Have you heard the one about the new Amazon-Go shops that they are trialling, which seems to be the next ‘wonderful’ thing to happen where you are scanned as you go into the shop (presumably you have a card with a chip) and everything in the shop is tagged so that you can pick things up and put them in your trolley and when you have finished you simply walk out with your shopping. You don’t have to ‘pay’ at a checkout as the bill is charged to your Amazon account, clever or what! You can read the full story on the BBC website here

Amazon-Go shops - photo BBC
Photo: BBC

No doubt some clever crooks will find a way around it, but it would be simply a case of walking in, shopping and walking out, boom boom. But on the bad side, surely there would be hefty job losses as checkout tills wouldn’t be needed or only for those who didn’t have an Amazon account, but I bet that most of us do have one as it is so popular. We use it a lot and find it very handy for things that you can’t get locally. It just makes you wonder what we will be doing in 50 years time but somehow I don’t think I’ll be around to find out, mmmmmmm!!

What do you think?

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