Sunshine Walks and Sad Events

Sunshine Walks and Sad Events

Didn’t it send it down yesterday morning, the rain of course is what I’m talking about, wow, cats and dogs was putting it mildly.

Rain falling over Cleveleys beach

When I was typing at 2.45pm, it was still raining but what I call ‘normal’ rain, but Jane and I braved the downpours to go to the coffee morning at The Venue. Obviously, the beach clean was called off but our group, being of a hardy nature, turned out to meet up and have a laugh and make a lot of noise as we usually do!

Just getting up the drive to the car was no mean feat as it was absolutely pelting it down, but determined to meet up with our friends we ran like mad to the car and off we went. As usual we made our usual racket and had some really good laughs between us, so it was worth trailing out into the very wet weather.

Shank’s Pony

I think we’ve had the walking bug on this weekend as on Sunday we all had a walk up to Fairway to look at the new sea front on there, with Jane as our tour guide.

Rossall Sea Defences at Fairway

Although by the time we got there, we were one short as Kevin had decided he’d had enough walking and plonked down quite a way a way from the dead end at the construction site and was sunbathing. Put it this way, does lobster coloured make you see what he looks like today, and I’m not joking either.

It wasn’t as busy as we thought it might have been, which suited us as it was so peaceful up there, but one thing that touched us was that on the overflow run where the concrete gets high, someone had made a bee out of pebbles and very good it was too, so guess who had her phone out in a flash and took photos of it.

Manchester Bee made in pebbles on the sea wall at Rossall

I thought it was lovely to see it just sitting there as a reminder that quite near to us in Manchester such terrible things had happened. Poignantly, the eye of the bee was a heart shaped stone.

Manchester Bee on Fleetwood sea wall

It was really lovely out there but was I aching by the time I got home! I shall just have to do more exercise that’s all I can say, as what brings it on takes it off so they say, although in my case it doesn’t!

Sad Events

Our minds – like many other people I assume – have kept thinking about all the deaths that have been caused by terrorists groups with the Manchester, attack a bit too close for comfort I feel, I don’t know about you. The Tower again shone red white and blue in memory of the people who died on Saturday night in London where seven were killed and 48 injured all in the name of a crackpot group of terrorists. The Tower was plunged into darkness for 30 minutes at 10.08pm which was the time that the first calls went through about the attack in London.

Last night, the Tower shone the colours of the Union Flag and wentdark for 8 minutes, the time that the first call came through and the attackers being shot dead before the heart lit up which I think is a touching way to remember those who have died so needlessly and the injured too for what they are going through. There is going to be a book of condolence in the Town Hall with the Town Hall flag at half mast out of respect for the poor people who have died or been injured. Today, Tuesday, a minute’s silence will be held in remembrance of those who died in the London Bridge attack while all government buildings will have their flags at half mast until the evening. Twenty unfortunate victims of the attack are still in a critical condition in hospital poor things, it’s not just the physical scars which in time will heal, but the emotional scars of being so involved in the atrocities that have taken place both at Manchester and London.

Do you know, I think all the ‘talking’ has made me very sleepy as while I was typing my eyes closed and I could feel myself falling asleep so if you think I’ve done a load of junk it will be because I had my eyes shut, or maybe it’s because I didn’t have a very good nights sleep last night again, nothing unusual in that but my eyelids feel remarkably heavy and sleepy now so I think I’d better stop while I’m ahead, don’t you!

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