Sunshine in Lytham

Sunshine in Lytham

Wasn’t it a lovely day again yesterday, but a bit fresher than Tuesday when it was so warm even when the sun went in. We enjoyed sitting on the balcony in the fresh air while holding our breath and wondering if this was Summer at last!

Lytham Green and Windmill

My three went to Lytham yesterday afternoon to do some photography while there is a bit of sunshine to be had and after being asked if I wanted to go I declined the offer as I knew they would walk my legs off. Being the princely height of five feet, I don’t really want to lose any more valuable inches so did my blog and dog sat my two happy dogs who are so pleased that mummy was staying with them so they could have their good old afternoon sleep.

I did tell Jane that if they had a sneaky look in the shops, especially Stringers, that they had to remember me, sitting at home while they toodled about in the sun. If there was anything that they thought I might not be able to live without to bring it, because I bet that my dear daughter won’t be able to resist the temptation. (Jane: That’s where she was wrong, because I came home with just 3-pairs-for-the-price-of-2 thick tights and a biro).

They came back with lots of photos, so I’m sure that during the course of the next day or so they will make their way onto our Visit Lytham Facebook page.

You are what you eat

There seems to be a lot being said at the moment about obese children who are eating the wrong foods such as pizzas, burgers, snacks and sandwiches, which I can understand as you do see a lot of overweight children don’t you.

Burger and chips

Some might say it’s the parents fault for not feeding them on nutritious food but some parents don’t know how to do this along with the fact that I’m sure to some extent we can all agree that ‘unhealthy’ food tastes nice doesn’t it.

When someone manages to make veg and fruit taste like a McDonalds, they will make a fortune I think, because I bet we have all been guilty of having the odd take away. But when a third of eleven year olds are overweight or obese something needs doing about it.

Kids love fizzy pop, it’s nice and sweet and full of calories (if it’s not sugar free) along with chocolate bars, sweets, crisps and all the things that children love never mind the adults. I myself can’t say no to a few Maltesers but it’s knowing when to stop shovelling things into your mouth that is the problem.

When we’ve been to Blackpool especially, I don’t know why, but the amount of seriously obese people you see is unbelievable, with some of them having a job on trying to walk. Some obese parents are seen with equally obese children and you can only wonder how much they get bullied at school when really it is the parents fault mostly, especially in the case of very young children. Children are dab hands at copying what their parents do, so if they are shovelling the wrong food non-stop into their stomachs, they are going to copy don’t you think.

That, coupled with sitting with mobile phones or computers for hours on end, doesn’t exactly burn the calories off does it. I feel sorry for people who just can’t stop eating whether it’s children or adults, for whatever reason they do it, but the long term effects on the health service, plus feeling ill themselves isn’t much of a life is it. The best way to lose weight is to have less on your plate of the same food and the pounds will come off, but getting people to go without is another matter. It makes you wonder where it will all end up.

Health and Hygiene

Talking about food, what about yet another Blackpool place who have been hauled over the ropes continually for being filthy and a serious health risk. I can never understand why, when we watch programmes about these takeaways and restaurants, why they just don’t close them down there and then.

You see mice and rat droppings, stale food, squalor, mixing raw and cooked food and all the rest. Cockroaches running about and cooking utensils that are filthy yet the front of the place can look clean. Why on earth aren’t they closed down straight away instead of the usual ‘we’ll come back in a month to see if you have cleaned up’.

I can’t for the life in me understand why they do this because if people are still being served with potential health hazards that could make them seriously ill, it seems daft that they aren’t closed down. After all, things aren’t going to change overnight, food is still being prepared in filthy kitchens and the rest so I say shut them down straight away, don’t you!

I’ll now get off my high horse and stop ranting but as it’s the first time I’ve had a good old rant for a while it’s probably because I’ve been left behind on my ownio….   Aaawwww, now that’s enough self indulgence for now Chrissie, so I’ll talk to you again the next time, so bye for now.

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