Sunshine after the Storm

Sunshine after the Storm

I know I keep harping on about the weather but I do think that Wednesday night’s storm deserves a mention as it was such a cracker, pardon the pun.

One across

There I was doing my cryptic crosswords in an attempt to go to sleep, hubby was fast asleep as I suppose the rest of them were, when at 12.05am, all of a sudden in between my one across clue, I saw something flash outside. Mmmmm I thought, ‘is the old migraine about to surface’ as I get all sorts of visual things before it strikes, but no, not this time because quite some seconds later there was a clap of thunder.

I could tell it was way into the distance, so there I was thinking to myself that I hoped it stayed there, wherever there was, not that I wished it on someone else, but I’m not a big fan of lightning at the best of times I don’t know about you.

Two across

I carried on with my two across while hoping that was an end to it, when suddenly another dose of sheet lightning came, this time obviously nearer, as there was more of a growl following it rather than a distant rumble. On I went persisting with my brain teasing crossword (supposed to be good for the grey matter) when yet another flash of lightning came. This time it was forked lightning, the sort I don’t particularly like as it has a nasty habit of hitting things on the ground, but this was quickly followed by an enormous clap of thunder.

Four down

Still, not to be scared witless,  I carried on doing my crossword although by this time I wasn’t giving it my full attention as lightning after lightning came followed by massive cracks of thunder and enormous rattling in the upper regions of the sky. By this time hubby was awake which surprised me as he can sleep through most things, but as I knew he would, off he went into the living room to make sure the patio doors weren’t leaking with the downpour that was accompanying the rest of the storm. Then he checked on the dogs to see if they were scared, but no, they were curled up with each other, not all that upset by the commotion thank goodness!

All I could think of was my friend Pam who lives near to us as she hates thunder and lightning as much as me and I knew she would be under the covers hiding away from the din and I don’t blame her, that storm was something else wasn’t it.

Knit like you’re running out of wool…

On and on it went, with me by this time racing through the cryptic crosswords as though the world was coming to an end and I had to leave it finished. It’s a bit like when I was always knitting, when I seemed to be running out of wool, I always knitted faster which is daft, but it seemed that if I knitted faster the wool would last longer, if you can make sense of that. It’s strange what goes on my head at the best of times, but anyway.

The storm carried on until 12.50am along with torrential rain, which I kept thinking ‘well it will do the gardens good looking on the bright side’. The trouble was, by this time I was wide awake after all the excitement, so it was going on for 2am by the time I went to sleep, so my eyes were shored up by a couple of matchsticks all day yesterday. Having said that, it’s nothing unusual for me as I don’t sleep well at the best of times, hence the pile of puzzle books reaching up to the ceiling by my bedside!

I did ask Jane if she’d heard the noise of the thunder as she tends to sleep through anything just like her dad, but yes, it had woken her up so it must have been bad to wake her, Rip Van Winkle the second. However, yesterday morning we were treated to a lovely sunny morning and a beautiful day, so I’d got the washing drying away in the lovely sunshine.

One on, one off

All was well again on the prom, with people on the beach and walking about enjoying the seaside air as though nothing had happened.

Cleveleys beach in the sunshine

In the true one-on and one-off pattern that the summer of 2017 seems to have adopted, this morning the wind is blowing a gale and it looks like we’re having a cold day today. 

Have you noticed that this summer seems to have been a day of summer followed by a day (or several days) of winter?

I just hope that nobody was hit or had flooding or any trouble from that lot, because it will be a miracle if everyone gets away with it as it was so fierce and lasted so long.

Jane always wants to see a storm over the sea but it always seems to happen in the night or when she’s not in, so she continually gets done out of it. Poor Kevin kept trying to capture the lightning on his camera and much to his annoyance, he got a load of pitch black pictures poor lad. There’s always another time though as I’m sure there will be plenty more where that came from don’t you!

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