Sunny Wednesday Afternoon

Sunny Wednesday Afternoon

What a lovely day we had yesterday, lots of sunshine and blue skies, so after lunch we were tempted to go for a walk on the prom.

Cleveleys promenade 12.7.17

We hadn’t said a word in front of the dogs but Muffin and Koko started straight away, dancing up and down as though they knew we were going out and that they definitely wanted to come. Dogs do seem to be psychic at times, it’s really weird but anyway, they were right, we were going out and they were coming!

After the usual faffing about that we do to get ready, I got to the top of the drive in my flared skirt and in spite of Jane saying that it wasn’t too windy, I knew that it would end up round my head as the slightest breeze is enough to make it fly in all directions, usually up round my waist. As a result, so that I didn’t put everyone off their afternoon walk with my ‘shapely’ legs, I rushed back into the house and put my jeans on!

Was I glad that I’d made the effort as the breeze wasn’t too bad going towards Cleveleys, but coming back home there was quite a cool feeling in the air and it was quite windy so I would have spent the walk trying to defend my honour by somehow sticking my skirt between my legs and waddling like a Japanese Geisha girl in my efforts to keep the skirt in place, either that or I would have had to have them get the car and fetch me! I’m not being silly, the skirt I had on is actually made of very fine fabric almost silk like which wafts everywhere when it’s windy so it’s not something that I ever wear outside when there’s a breeze, however slight.

Cleveleys North Promenade and Children's Corner

It was busy as usual when the sun is shining, mostly oldies like us, but what made me amazed was the amount of shall we say plump people, especially men. I wonder if they realise that all that fat that is under their paunches isn’t doing them one bit of good and will almost certainly affect their health. Still, it’s each to their own and as today there is so much information about overeating it’s obvious that some people aren’t worried by it so good luck to them, what do you say?

We did have a lovely walk which does make you feel better especially if you have your mongey head on, Yorkshire for being mardy, like I seemed to have had in the morning. It’s strange isn’t it how you can waken up some mornings and just feel fed up with yourself for no reason, but a nice walk does seem to shake off the miseries in my opinion, so there I was all refreshed, bright eyed and bushy tailed ready for doing my blog!!

Chrissie on Cleveleys prom

The Eyes have It

In the morning my dear other half had to go to a clinic at Newton Drive near to the Vic to have yet more eye tests for his Glaucoma which has robbed the sight in one half of one of his eyes already, so he his monitored for changes, so off he went first thing wondering what they were going to say this time.

I got such a shock when he was back by 10.20ish having left at 9pm and thank goodness he wasn’t waiting for hours like you do at the Vic. A friend had popped round for a cup of tea at the same time, so there we were all talking on a heap while I was trying to find out how he’d gone on. Of course, he was doing the ‘Roy Orbison’ thing with his sunglasses firmly planted on his eyes which he was told to do because of the eye drops that they put in to dilate the pupils.

If you’ve had it done before you’ll know that you walk about looking as though you have yellow jaundice with the colour of them. Of course, you can’t see properly as your pupils are so wide which makes you look as though you’ve been on twenty bags of coke, and not the burning type of coal if you know what I mean. There he was in all his glory of yellow eyeballs and fixed staring pupils as though he’d had a terrible shock and his eyes were frozen in fear telling me how he’d gone on at the clinic. Thankfully, the tests he’d had done a few weeks ago were OK along with the tests he’d had done yesterday and with his eyesight not having deteriorated further, I breathed a big sigh of relief as who knows anyone who can paint pictures with eyesight all to pot! Only kidding dear one, your eyes are so precious and I am so pleased that they aren’t any worse.

After drinking my cup of tea and with the dogs snoring gently beside me no doubt dreaming about all the dogs they had seen on their walk, and my blog just about nearly over, I must say that I was feeling rather drowsy myself, so could do with a couple of matchsticks if anyone has some that I could borrow!!

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