Sunny Saturday Afternoon

Sunny Saturday Afternoon

Out came the sun for us again yesterday, it was a bit on the blowy side, but still nice. As a result on Saturday, we decided to take the dogs and have a steady amble up to Cleveleys and pretend we were tourists!

Cleveleys promenade

Cleveleys town centre on Saturday

It’s a bit of an epic job to get us lot ready to go out. Derek runs up and down the stairs, not sure why, but anyway he does. Kevin usually is doing something that holds him up and as I call him ‘last push Kev’ you might get the picture as we are all usually just about ready when he comes in and gets sorted. I keep telling him that he’ll be late for his own funeral but he still carries on! Jane is usually pretty organised and starts telling me she’ll take the dogs out for a wee before we go as I usually do that, so I think somehow it’s her ploy to get me speeding up! 

Next came the dogs, harnesses on, dog bags, water, leads and all the paraphernalia that we take with us when we go anywhere as my motto is ‘be prepared’ and no, I wasn’t a boy scout, although Derek was. His idea of being prepared though is to let me be the one who prepares for every little thing that we might need, so I think his motto has somehow slipped when he decided hundreds of years ago that I would sort everything out!

Eventually we did manage to get off, although I had to run back and get my sunglasses and Derek did a return visit as well,  although it wasn’t to get his sweater or coat which I had nagged him to take, especially when we got on the prom and found it was a cool wind blowing in spite of the sunshine. Kevin was in his hot blood and had only a short sleeved shirt on but Derek by then was wishing he’d listened to me, they never do though do they!!

Derek had actually gone back for his sunglasses after more nagging from me and lo and behold he couldn’t find them so off we went, so I suppose by now you are getting the picture that it’s like doing a military manoeuvre to get us anywhere.

Rossall Beach Cleveleys Saturday 3 June

The prom was quite busy, but not as busy as I thought it would be, although when we got to the town it was pretty thronged. You probably wouldn’t know it from these photos, but we try to avoid poking the camera in people’s faces when they are out for a stroll, so you’ll just have to take my word for it.

As soon as we got there all of us were busy looking for weeds and rubbish, which we found pretty easily might I add.

Paper bag stuffed into the planter

Tab ends and bits of litter were thrown down on the floor, although I didn’t see fag ends left pushed into the pots as they were before but give them time, cynical person aren’t I but when they throw rubbish in front of you while you are cleaning up as we were on Wednesday, it does make you wonder about some people today. Somebody actually put a tab end into the pot as one of the volunteers were planting plants which absolutely amazed me, he did deserve a telling off when he could see what was going on round him!

We hadn’t gone far into Cleveleys when I decided after walking the length of the prom that I wanted to sit down for five minutes and miracle of miracles, the bench outside Smith’s was empty, that must be a first for me as there is only one on that side of the road, which is pretty bad to me as there are always people standing about wanting to sit down.

I bet we hadn’t been there two minutes when we spotted a friend walking towards us who stopped for a natter and then lo and behold two more turned up out of the blue from the other direction so there we were making our usual racket that we do when we meet up!

Eventually we went on our walk and got a few bits that we wanted then took a steady stroll back. We had the dogs out of their pram and tried to get them walking on the prom, which Koko didn’t do too badly but Muffin wanted a rocket under him as wasn’t having any and kept stopping. I knew just how they felt as by this time I was ready for a sit down myself but on we plodded home for our tea, while watching some people nearly getting stranded on a sand bar as the tide came in around them.

As usual they were pretty oblivious as the sea rushed in round the back of them leaving them in danger of being stranded if they left it too long, but luckily they eventually realised what was happening and made it to the narrow bit where they could cross.

Mary's Shell on Cleveleys beach

We had a lovely afternoon out in the fresh air  and the exercise must have done us good surely, although I can’t budge the four or five pounds that I would like to so maybe I ought to be doing a lot more walking, what’s that, oh we are aren’t we. Jane suggested another walk yesterday afternoon while it was nice – but I’ll tell you about that later!

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