Sunday with Chrissie and a Water Warning

Sunday with Chrissie and a Water Warning

We had a laugh again at our coffee morning on Friday at The Regal and how nice it is to talk and laugh with friends while getting all sorts off our chests. In the flash of an eye we go from light hearted to medical matters as we all compare notes on what’s happened to us since last week, it certainly causes some hilarity I can say!

Cleveleys on a bit of a grey day

It turned out to be a bit of a mongey day if you understand my Yorkshire, it means dull and overcast with a bit of rain, but the weather yesterday (Saturday) more than made up for it with blue skies and very warm I’m pleased and happy to say.

So Kevin was been decorating the top in the front bedroom yesterday morning while Derek was stripping, wallpaper,  might I add or we would all run screaming! The room has been in absolute chaos all week with the door firmly closed on it while the men did a working week in the office, but as it was a lovely day it was suggested that we go out. At least we can close the door on the mess and try to pretend it’s not there although I will be glad when the wardrobes are uncovered as I keep quite a bit of my stuff in there and as the wardrobes are all covered in polythene, it’s getting to be a bit of a problem when I want something from out of there!

I thought I’d better do a blog as friends of ours are holding a garden party this afternoon so I won’t get one done today. It’s so lovely of them to lay this on for all our friends and hopefully the weather will be kind and give us an afternoon to remember!

Don’t dice with the water

Just a mention about  two girls being rescued from the sea at Blackpool on Wednesday evening when they were swimming in the sea.

They had been warned 15 minutes earlier not to get out of their depth. The girls were very lucky that the RNLI were out on a training exercise so could quickly get to them or the end result might have been awful as one of them had slipped completely under the water and if it hadn’t been for one of the crew jumping in and pushing her head to the surface she could have drowned, especially if they hadn’t been out training at the time.

The girls were eleven years old and lucky for them, the lifeboat reached them in thirty seconds which was very lucky indeed as the currents had taken them farther out to sea and they were completely out of their depth. The outcome could have been so much worse, if I were their parents they would be having a good telling off for ignoring the first warning from the lifeboat crew not to go further out, that was after I was ecstatic that they had survived their ‘swim’.

You can’t underestimate the power of the sea and as the girls were thought to be locals I would have thought that they would have been more aware than a visitor of the dangers of the open sea. The currents and undertow certainly can’t be messed about with and after watching one man nearly drown in front of us while we were at home, I wouldn’t like to see any more people going through the same thing.

The islands that are formed out of sand which has banked higher gets me, as the tide shoots around them so quickly trapping unaware people who think that they are still paddling in shallow water that is until they turn round and realise that the sea has swirled round the back of them cutting them off.

Sandbank on the beach

I’ve mentioned this loads of times before but as it is still always happening, I thought it might be worth alerting people to the dangers of a rapidly incoming tide. This photo shows a small sandbank because they’re difficult to get in a picture – they are so big and stretch such a long way. We’ve seen people wading through the water up to their waists or shoulders, often carrying small children or dogs above their heads and our hearts are in our mouths until they get safely to dry land and haven’t been knocked over by the swift incoming tide. The big sandbanks are just too big to outrun the tide if you leave it too late to notice that you’re trapped.

We’ve been saying recently that there does seem to have been an awful lot of people found dead on our beaches or in trouble and while I’m not being morbid, I wouldn’t like to think it was one of you or your family so if it makes just one person think about safety by the sea it will have been worth telling you. By the way, I’m not feeling morbid, it is just a fact of life that living by the sea makes you respect it a lot, and unfortunately that message doesn’t always get through.

If you are on the front and see someone in any kind of trouble at all, ALWAYS ring 999 and ask for the Coastguard. 

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