Summer's Come!

Summer's Come!

Well, our holiday is over sadly, I must say that we’ve all enjoyed going out and doing what we want and when we want, lovely, lovely, but all good things come to an end don’t they so at least the sun is shining for us which is a bonus.

Cleveleys beach in the sunshine

I’m not sure if I would have liked it being so hot all of last week as it seems that the older I get the less I stand the heat, I used to be a real sun worshipper when I was younger but not now it seems, getting older sure has a lot to answer for.


There’s a hole in my bucket…

We had a laugh the other day at Jane’s expense I’m afraid as it could have been much worse, but anyhow, she decided the other day to go and trim some bits off the bushes and trees that are round our garden as they are getting pretty thick to say the least. I was in the kitchen doing kitchen things as you do when all of a sudden there was such a bang and clatter coming from the garden so her dad ran into the garden to see what was going off.

I sort of carried on with what I was doing thinking that something had dropped from a dizzy height when I heard my better half saying ‘are you OK have you hurt yourself’ so being a motherly sort, I thought I’d better go and see what she was up to now.

Jane wearing a bucket

There she was in all her glory, sprawled out on the lawn with her leg in a bucket. Now you might wonder what she was doing having her leg stuck in a bucket but nothing surprises me with my daughter. At least she was laughing and not laid out unconscious. One of our friends was amazed when I said that we called her Calamity Jane and wouldn’t believe us, but she is and always has been, so anyway, we found out that as she couldn’t reach the branches she’d decided to stand on one of our empty buckets.

I must explain the buckets. We have a fish pond and buy their food in very large buckets with a lid on, and as we had emptied one and it was doing nothing, Jane decided to stand on the bucket on the lid, yes, she fell straight through the lid, braking it on the way down which cut into her leg and badly grazed it.

She looks as though she’s had a leg operation and just had the stitches out and has the wound to match so when her dad had stopped running round the garden in a panic, Jane and I got her leg washed, antiseptic ointment on, followed by a cup of tea and all was well again. As a result, she has had to endure countless jokes from Kevin about buckets and falling into them, but the poor thing has got a nasty leg and lovely war wounds to prove what she did! The bad news is that the friend who was going to have the bucket for her greenhouse now has no lid for it…

Didn’t we have a lovely time…

We were having five minutes in the sun at lunchtime when I was saying that people bring their own chairs to sit on the beach or prom, so we were talking about the days when there were deckchairs to hire on the beach, which brought back some memories for us of the good old days when you used to get all muddled up and trapped inside the blooming things when you tried to put them up!

Deck chairs on the beach
This must be the early 1970’s

Jane did wonder if that is why the beaches aren’t as busy as they used to be as you can’t sit in comfort on the beach anymore and as you can’t park near to the prom, it is a bit of a kerfuffle to trail chairs, towels and all the stuff that you take on the beach from a car park in the back of beyond.

We used to bring our own wind shield when we came on holiday and then hired deckchairs which, by the time that they stopped selling them, had become quite expensive. We used to lug all our clobber onto the beach where Derek fetched the deckchairs while we found a suitable spot to sit on the packed beach.

Blackpool Beach in the 1970s

When he eventually got the chairs down to us he was always getting nicely wound up and then when he started putting the wind shield up it was a guaranteed thing that he would get himself into a mood and start ranting when he tried to knock the posts into the sand!

Eventually after a lot of grumbling and grunting it was time to put the chairs up and there we would be, getting wrapped up in the blooming things as we tried to get them the right way up. You used to see lots of people doing the same as us as though we were all off a comedy sketch on TV in our efforts to get the chair capable of being sat on.

Memories are really lovely to look back on and plenty of those I have too, but watching all the people in front of us setting up camp brings it all back in a flash, ah the good old days!!


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