Summer Weather - and Good News for Blackpool

Summer Weather - and Good News for Blackpool

I did tell you in a previous blog that it would be rotten weather as we are having the week off from work didn’t I? Well yesterday (Saturday) was the first day and it rained all day and was cool inside too, so now you know I wasn’t making it up.

At tea time, the rain began to clear and you could see a bright stripe of fine weather on the horizon, coming towards us. About half an hour later the sky cleared to beautiful bright sunshine.

Rain clouds clearing

Rain clouds cleared to sunshine

The forecast I saw said it was going to be the same today, oh what joy, although Derek said that the one he’d seen said it was going to fine up so I’ll believe his forecast! I bet the Gay Pride people were spitting feathers yesterday, (well, that’s if the feathers weren’t all wet through) as it was their parade yesterday and what a day to pick, that’s the only trouble when you book outdoor events, you can’t control the weather as our group know only too well!

Today is the Car Show in Cleveleys, and Thornton Cleveleys Gala, so  I bet they are all on their knees praying for fine weather don’t you, after all if it is raining it’s not much fun trudging through the streets and getting wet through into the bargain.

Chrissie at Cleveleys Car Show last year
Me at the Car Show last year

Thornton Cleveleys Gala
Derek took this photo at the funfair on Jubilee Gardens on Friday afternoon – I bet the organisers will be pulling this scream face if it doesn’t brighten up! 

These things take so much organising and it is a real sickener when the weather is vile as I know only too well, so good luck for today.

In the News (and not in a good way)

Onto Blackpool matters for five minutes and the infamous ‘Viagra Hotel’ as once again it is the news and not for a good reason either, although it doesn’t take much to top that one does it!

This time, lots of very angry customers have left negative reviews of the place after it closed suddenly due to a leak!

It seems that visitors have been arriving to find the place locked up with new signs in the windows saying that it is under new management but is closed because of a sudden leak. Now was it a tap dripping, an overflow or had the lot gone into organ failure, who knows because they aren’t telling. One angry woman wrote on Trip Adviser that she had booked her holiday there a year ago prior to the ‘name change’ I say that loosely because what a name!

Anyway, it was a hen party of 11 who arrived to find the place locked up but luckily another hotel took them in so I bet they were glad the Viagra was closed, or not, whatever way you look at it! Other stories have emerged about people who couldn’t get in, including a mum with two children who had picked the ‘Vidella’ as it was then as it seemed a nice family hotel so imagine her disgust when she turned up for a holiday with young children and found the Viagra, with the slogan ‘we’ll keep you up all night’ not a good impression do you think. Hopefully someone, I don’t know who, will get their act together and stop trying to get publicity, bad in this case and will get the place up and running properly although by now it would have well and truly put me off!

In the News – in a really good way!

Viva Vegas Diner - opens 12 June

In complete contrast, did you know that the Viva Vegas Diner is to open next week in the former Harry Ramsdens on the promenade, and that is an example of how to do things properly.

It’s a £1.2 million investment in the place by the Viva Blackpool team and will seat 160 inside along with a bar and takeaway counter. There’s a preview event for invited guests on Monday with the diner being open to the public next week and bookings from Wednesday.

They are doing an all American style diner, so there will be singers and dancers to entertain us while the booths are dressed up like Cadillac cars and an American style camper van will serve up late night bar snacks and takeaway to passers by.  There’s also a breakfast menu from 9am until 11.30am with the main menu being served until 11pm at night so you don’t have to go hungry do you!

They aren’t after the late night clubbing audience so that will be better I think, there are enough of those anyway so for Blackpool, again it’s another shot in the arm from an ambitious company to try and pull together all these new attractions, hotels, etc and all the things that are taking and have taken place to bring the town into the modern world.

I know that Harry Ramsden’s wasn’t one of the derelict ones, but for me, the more all the vanacnt and poorer buildings are either pulled down or converted the better as one day, people will waken up and say what a great holiday and residential town we have.

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