Strange Concoctions, Bath Time and Winter Sunshine

Strange Concoctions, Bath Time and Winter Sunshine

I sometimes wonder what Kevin has got for a stomach, maybe cast iron who knows, I certainly don’t.

Kevin and his stomach

For example, after Jane and I had gone to bed the other night, in separate bedrooms of course, apparently he’d gone foraging in the cupboards for his midnight snack and found a packet of Naan breads which made his eyes gleam. (Jane: I bought them to have with salad on Wednesday and I KNEW I’d forget them!)

So out came the rice and the next thing Derek knew he’d got cooked rice and covered in gravy that he’d made, along with his packet of Naan bread, and he wonders why he gets indigestion! This is just the tip of the iceberg as he is well known in our house for putting the most strange concoctions together that would make you or I turn our lips up in horror. But he’s not bothered, he just  tucks in and enjoys himself.

Jane met Kevin in the Sixth form at school and even then she ought to have realised he had a very eclectic taste in food, as the first time she’d noticed that he even existed was in the sixth form common room when he was sat tucking into lettuce and banana sandwiches for his lunch. Love triumphs over all, or so they say, and they celebrated their Silver Wedding Anniversary in May which shows how his dustbin diet doesn’t matter. Now we are used to him eating weird things and then swigging at the Gaviscon bottle. He’ll never learn but that’s what makes him our Kevin!

Bath time

On Thursday afternoon Kevin and I bathed the dogs, again. As you will know if you read my previous blogs, Muffin has had a skin condition due to his immune system acting up again, so we have had to give him three baths, three days apart with a special shampoo. Thursday was his last bath thank goodness.

While we were at it Koko was bathed in normal dog shampoo and stood there like a little trooper on the old tea towel in the bottom of the bath with his tongue sticking out, maybe to catch some water for a drink who knows.

Koko having a bath

Not a wriggle or whine or anything came out of his mouth bless him, but when big brother had to go in the bath, he was very fed up obviously of keep being washed! We have to leave the shampoo on for ten minutes, which was just getting a bridge too far for Muffin who cried his head off, so after wriggling all over the bath floor as he was rinsed and shampooed, Kevin held him in the bath for a very long ten minutes.

Kevin thankfully did the bending and shampooing as my back would probably have snapped in two if I had done it and then who would do all the jobs.

After five minutes Muffin decided that enough was enough and he was getting out. But anyway, he started off with a soft whine which rapidly grew into a crescendo. I was sitting on the edge of the bath while trying to hold him where he was and was chief shampoo-tipper for Kevin. But he wasn’t having any, Muffin not Kevin if you wondered, and by the time it was rinsing time he was trying to make the great escape.

When we got him out of the bath, he was screaming the house down so we got him dried as quickly as possible as we knew that his back leg, which causes him grief anyway was probably protesting against all the handling he’d had, so out came the Calpol for him. The vet recommended we use it as a painkiller when his legs play him up, and then we gave him lots of love and careful handling until his leg eased off.

Later on you wouldn’t think anything was wrong with him apart from still being wet as we can’t dry his fur with a dryer with this particular shampoo. They both went to the vets again on Friday morning and all the tablets and shampooing seem to have paid off, as she said we’d done a marvellous job. Thank goodness!

Beautiful day at the seaside

We had an absolutely lovely day here on the seafront on Thursday and it was bringing everyone out to enjoy the day. It was really warm in the sun, just what we all need after all the rain and wind I think, don’t you.

Cleveleys beach in the sunshine

I used to get pretty low in Winter in Yorkshire as our garden was surrounded by massive trees which were the bane of my life, it made the garden gloomy along with me. While here, obviously, we have nothing but the Irish Sea in front of us and it’s unlikely anyone will build or plant trees (well they’d have a job on wouldn’t they).

Everything is so light and bright which makes even the Winters seem shorter here, which can’t be a bad thing. Keep sending the sun down I say and no matter how many millions of times I say it, we are so lucky and happy to be living here among our good friends in such a beautiful spot.

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