Soggy Beach Clean - and Sweeny Todd!

Soggy Beach Clean - and Sweeny Todd!

It was the monthly beach clean again yesterday on Rossall Prom, and did it rain although it wasn’t cold. A hardy 32 people turned up even though it was soggy, which I think is wonderful, that they can turn out on such a wet  damp Monday morning to get rid of rubbish on the beach.

Jane and a couple of trustees always do jobs, sort things out and stay on the promenade to hand out equipment to late comers and answer questions from the public. It wasn’t long before everyone started to come back from the beach when apparently someone must have walked on the prom with a large dog which was pooing. No one noticed anything so the owner must have just walked off – or dragged the dog along – before they spotted three great plops – literally right at the side of them.

It’s a good job they had gone before our lot got hold of them or they would have quite rightly got an ear wagging, especially when they could see that people were giving their free time up to go out and clean the place up on such a wet day. It made it even worse when one of our members went and trod in it while fetching a bag to clear it up. Where is the dog warden when you want him!

I just can’t understand why people would want to do that all over the pavement when there are lots of people in cars and houses watching. I personally would have been mortified but then, like most dog owners, I carry bags and would pick the poo up that my dog had left. Isn’t that called being a responsible dog owner? Herrrumph!

After the clean up was over, which I didn’t attend due to lots of aches and pains and being busy at home, we went onto the Venue for a tea or coffee if you preferred, and a natter with our friends which we seem to have been doing a lot of lately!

We had to go home early as Jane had to go to Lancaster in the afternoon, so for once we curbed the talking which isn’t easy when we all get together! I’d left the men in charge of turning the pans and oven on so that she wouldn’t be even later, so at least we walked into it all being ready for eating. By the way, I left it all prepared as I didn’t want them to faint with the shock of having to do that as well!

Clip, clip

When we did get home, Kevin was in for a surprise as a parcel turned up from Amazon for him. Jane tends to buy things and not tell us which being about 10 years old in my brain (not my body if you were wondering) I personally love as I’ve always loved surprises the whole of my life. I don’t think I’ll grow out of loving something turning up that I don’t know about.

Anyway, it was Kevin’s turn and guess what she’d got, a new hair trimming shaver with all the attachments as when he cut his hair off a short while ago (if you read my blogs you’ll already know that he came into the kitchen practically bald and gave us all the shock of our lives). Oh no I thought, I did tell him that I loved his curls and to grow them back.

Hair clippers

Something tells me that Jane has egged him on to carry on keeping it short with that surprise don’t you think, so there he was after lunch playing with his new toy which came all packed in a lovely proper black carrying case with all the different numbered sizes, 1-8  I think it was.

When he decided to scalp himself not long ago, making me wonder if he’d been round a Red Indian (although his scalp wasn’t bloody) our old trimmer only had a number two blade thingy left so he used that and believe me there was just a bit of hair showing through, much to my dismay I might say. As it is with all these lovely cutting length adjustments he can play nice and do his hair in different thicknesses all over if he wants to, (I don’t want him to). Not only that, there are a pair of hairdressing scissors in it, combs and all sorts of things.

I do worry that he might start playing at being a hairdresser before he’s finished, although his own hair is going to have to start growing more before he can scrape it off again as after three weeks or so, it’s still very, very short. There’s also an attachment to shave off the hair that grows out of men’s nostrils, yuk, as Jane is always complaining about both of them for having danglers hanging down their nose, I do mean hair not anything noxious if you are wondering.

But anyway, I bet she got that one on purpose, the little monkey. She did say that with a bit of force it probably could do a frontal lobotomy! I did wonder if it was also to trim the hair around and inside your ears, especially as now that Derek’s older he seems to be sprouting a forest in his, even more than is on his head. Mmmmm I wonder if he’s thought about a hair transplant from them, although I’m not sure about putting the nose ones on his head, mmmm. We’ll have to discuss that.

It will be interesting to see what does happen, although I did get a bit worried when he started showing Muffin (one of my dogs) the razor with an evil glint in eye. Maybe I’d better keep a very close watch on them, I’ll keep you posted about Sweeny Todd!!

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