Smash, Bang Wallop

Smash, Bang Wallop

First, the weather. Hip hip hooray, we turned the heating off yesterday, I’m a poet and don’t know it!

We had a beautiful, warmer sunny day here at Cleveleys that ended on a lovely sunset, and very welcome it was too after all the cold and wind we’ve had.

Sunset in March

It certainly makes you feel as though Spring might really be on the way. I have daffodils coming out, nodding their little heads which after all that cold and frost is amazing.

Sadly it looks as though the geraniums which have lived through every Winter for the last five years or so are looking the worse for wear. If they do die I will certainly get some more to replace them as I have had so much pleasure from them.  One thing is for sure, where we lived in Yorkshire you wouldn’t have kept anything tender over the Winter, but other things which aren’t hardy have survived here which is lovely. I just hope that now for all of us we have some better weather in store, well you can hope can’t you!

Here we go again

Just after lunch Jane shouted to tell me that a neighbour had rung, well friends actually, to tell us that someone has smashed the glass in the sign board on Rossall Prom. What on earth is wrong with people that they can do such malicious acts, I don’t know, what is the world coming to.

Kevin was just off to the post box so she sent him on a diversion to find out which one, and it’s the blue one next to the Five Bar Gate that the sea defence team put up when the works started.

Smashed noticeboard on Rossall Promenade

First it was the defibrillator and now the sign board. Incidentally it is right under the CCTV camera. And for anyone who wondered, yes, it does work and yes, it is monitored.

Noticeboard under CCTV camera

Not content with that, someone has pinched several drain covers as well, so they must have been on the spinach as they must have weighed a ton! Looking at the damage we wondered if they’d used one to smash the glass.

Smashed signboard on Rossall Promenade

What anyone wants with covers I’m not sure, unless they fancy selling them for scrap metal, but surely a scrap merchant would be suspicious of something like that which belong on the streets. You have to wonder what’s wrong with these people who just do what they want. If it was youths surely their parents know they are missing, as that kind of vandalism I wouldn’t think happens in the afternoon, or am I being too cynical!

Hold the parents to account

The parents should be brought to task if it is kids again, and as the guardians of their children they should be made responsible for their behaviour and whatever wrong things they choose to do. Maybe hefty fines to the parents would waken them up from their couldn’t-care-less attitude that seems to be so prevalent today.

I for one am totally sick and tired of the attitude that the police and the law has, and it’s not just around here, where they just don’t bother if you report vandalism or crime done by teens. I don’t know whether it’s because of the paperwork, or the cuts in staffing, or the fact that nothing can be done because of their age, or the law, or rules, or whatever it is.

In my opinion they are teaching them one thing, that bad deeds have no consequences, don’t you think. Why should these children care what they do or how bad it is when they know that the police aren’t going to do anything about it.

It doesn’t matter how many times I drone on about the same thing, there is never an answer to all these problems. Everyone from the police, NHS, all public bodies blame cut backs for the fact that they aren’t doing their job which is awful to me.

When our defibrillator was smashed, we did everything we could to get the police to take action, especially as the culprits were seen and identified and captured on CCTV. The police were given it on a plate and what did they do, nothing. In fact, they went the wrong way after them – or they could have caught them at it. We tried all ways to get them to do something, especially when we had witnesses and allegedly the police knew who they were, surely they could have gone to the culprits houses and taken them in, or at least read them the riot act.

What if someone had died because these idiots thought it was clever to throw the defib onto the beach after smashing it up, it beggars belief. It was only through the kind heartedness of people that we are able to replace it with one that is vandal proof, all we need now is the council to put the cabinet back up, ready for use.

Good from Bad

Thanks to the kindness of strangers, The Rossall Beach Group has been able to put an additional unit outside The Venue who have been very good. They have paid an electrician to fix it up on the wall outside The Venue and so it’s ready for any emergency.

Defibrillator at The Venue

There has been apparently a lot of petty theft and vandalism round here which doesn’t usually happen, so the little darlings could go from here and pester somebody else, because someone knows who they are don’t they.

Maybe if parents took more responsibility for the kids they have brought into the world, it would be a better place for all of us. So to the police and criminal justice system, make them responsible for their behaviour if their parents won’t, as something needs doing now! There, that’s my rant over for today, but doesn’t it make you mad!

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