Seasonal Madness and Mess

Seasonal Madness and Mess

When we were in Morrisons, Jane saw some pomegranates for sale. ‘Do you want one mum’, she asked, to which I replied ‘no thanks Jane’, meaning I couldn’t be bothered with the sticky mess you end up with. She got one for her and Kevin, and decided to have hers yesterday morning. I looked at her and thought to myself, ‘that’s exactly why I didn’t buy one’. She cut it up into pieces, and then began the sticky job of dissecting the fruit from the bitter tasting pith. She sucked and pulled and tugged, and nearly standing on her head upside down, she eventually got the better of it. I must say, I really love the fruit but can’t do with the mess and stickiness. I remember seeing Jamie Oliver on TV telling you how to do it the quick and easy way, but the old grey cells have packed in and I can’t remember how.

Jane's pomegranate

It brought back memories of how, when I was a child, my mum would buy me one, cut it in half, and then stick a darning needle in my hand and tell me to go to it. I painstakingly picked each seed out with the needle, as if my life depended on it. I have since wondered if my mum gave it to me to keep me quiet as it took ages to do. The only trouble was, was that the needle changed to a black colour and lost its smoothness. As a result, you were left with a black lump of sticky metal, that was no good to anybody. My mum must have had a plentiful supply of needles as you couldn’t sew with it ever again.

That was in the days when everybody darned their socks when they got a hole in them, in fact, I don’t know if you can still buy darning needles. My mum used to sit at night with a wooden mushroom, pushed up into the heel or toe, and create a fantastic weave of wool which matched the socks. I learnt how to do it from a young age, and found the weaving action amazing. The way that you could get rid of a big hole with a grid of wool stunned me, it was like magic. Today, the answer is to throw the socks away if they get a hole in them. I must confess, I still sew holes up in socks, even if I don’t darn them!

Onto more current matters, I watched the last episode of 999 with much anticipation, and was very disappointed as it was a rehash of different aspects of the previous shows. Still, on seeing it again, it still made me angry at the way that people deliberately get drunk out of their brains, and then expect the NHS or somebody else to sort them out. As the Paramedic said, ‘why do we bother keep taking them to hospital to sleep it off’. It makes me mad to think of the NHS, already strapped for cash, having to pander to these self inflicted idiots. The system of getting your benefit money on Wednesday and then spending it on drink to get in the state that they do, should be stopped. No doubt when they’ve spent their money they go bleating that they can’t afford food or heating. Stop giving them money and give them vouchers for everything, take the power away from them and then they will have to face up to their problems!

I agree with the person who said that if the people of Blackpool knew how their hard earned tax money was being spent, they would go mad. I already go mad, when I think of the taxes we are paying, as my husband is still working and is nearly seventy. As I’ve said before, if you are good you get nothing but the short end of the straw, while the bad get the lot and then still they think they are badly done to.

I’d better get off my soap box, but as you can tell, like a lot of hard working people, we are sick of the benefits culture, which is a lifestyle for a lot of people. Give it to the deserving by all means, but do something about the scroungers, and stop worrying about losing votes. All it needs is a lot of guts to change what is obviously not working, get the balance back and stop it before it is too late!

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