Schools, seagulls and horse... manure

Schools, seagulls and horse... manure

The story of the seesawing weather rumbles on. I awoke to a beautiful blue sky and a very pleasant morning. My spirits sang, at last summer is here, but don’t be fooled, because by tea time normal service was resumed and the skies clouded over and a cool wind blew on the seafront. We went for our usual saunter along the prom, I was back in my jeans, plus heavy weather coat. Jane had her anorak on and a short skirt, and was frozen with the wind. Halfway on the prom, she pulled out her gloves and said ‘what do I look like with gloves on and a short skirt and sandals’, nothing unusual there then, the madikes of Rossall Prom! We went through the five barred gate, and I was sauntering along when Derek shouted ‘Mrs. Cameron, have you forgotten something’, Muffin was yards behind us playing at statues again and refused to move, so back I went to retrieve my stubborn dog! The rest of the walk was uneventful, just our usual nearly being mown down by bikes trying to break all speed records on the prom, horses and joggers. Kevin kept shouting ‘horses, joggers, bikes’ every few minutes, it’s like trying to go a walk through an obstacle race. To add insult to injury, when we got back, there was a hefty pile of steaming horse manure right outside our gate. Why is it OK for them to leave heaps all over, but there is an outcry over dog poo. Not very fair I don’t think!

While I’m on the subject of not being fair, what about the noise about schools turning out children who can’t read, or spell properly. What a surprise, have they only just noticed? It’s been evident for years, and I wouldn’t like to think I was putting a child through the education system today. Apparently the times tables aren’t being learnt properly, I ask whether they ever were. When Jane was at junior school back in the mists of time, I always said the maths education left a lot to be desired. In my day, we had such things drilled into us, and to this day, I still use my tables in mental arithmetic. Jane went to what was a quite good school at that, but my old fashioned schooling was far better.  Apparently they are blaming the standard of teaching. Again, this was quite obvious, there are some poor teachers out there, of course, you can’t lump everybody under the same umbrella, there are good and bad as there are in all walks of life, but, we get youngsters applying for jobs with us, and they are barely literate. The spelling is hilarious and they obviously haven’t a clue how to put a letter together. Bring back discipline in schools, up the teaching standard, have more rigorous checks on schools, without their prior knowledge and restore order instead of chaos before it’s too late!  All schools aren’t bad, but compared to the standard of education when I was young and when dinosaurs roamed the earth, everything is slipping out of control. Thus endeth my lesson!


Going back to our walk, Homer our resident greedyguts seagull keeps watching us through the back window hoping that we’ll feed him for the hundredth time. We’re keeping his babies going, and he is continually watching us through one window or another. When we set off on our walk tonight, he was sat on the fence outside our window watching our every move. He followed us up the drive, flew over the roof, came back down and followed us on the garden walls of about four houses. I think we’ll have to get him a lead to come with us as he keeps following us down the prom. When we got back, he was waiting for us, and as he’s got Jane well trained, she obediently went out and fed him his dog food for the night. He potters about outside our back door and comes on to the step, he’s a proper cheeky monkey, but we’re all very fond of him. He’s got us all trained including most of the neighbours round about, not the other way round, but we can’t resist his  charms he’s so beguiling, and everyone knows him by name. Well I think that’s all for now, so I’ll sign off.

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