Salmonella at your Service

Salmonella at your Service

I forgot to mention about our weekend in my last blog, when we had a lovely lazy afternoon or two. My dear daughter had seen a recipe on Facebook for what looked like a tasty dish which she thought we could have for tea.

Now I’m usually they head cook and bottle washer but on this occasion I deputised Jane to get the tea ready as she knew what to do with it. We had bought some of those round tortilla wraps and the recipe said brush the inside edges with a beaten egg, then put the filling of your choice in, eg cheese and onion, cooked meat, anything that your heart desires. Then you fold the wrap over and seal it like a Cornish pasty, brush with beaten egg and cook it in the oven. Here’s the recipe if you fancy giving it a go.

Sounds quite yummy doesn’t it, that’s what we thought, although we didn’t know we were in for a shock!

Tea is served

Off she went to the kitchen and spent quite a while faffing about before coming back upstairs to tell us our tea was cooking away nicely so when we finally got them out of the oven, upstairs again we went again to enjoy the fruits of her labour.

They looked very tasty I thought to myself and when we cut into them we found ham, cheese and tomato all bubbling away inside. Then we started to eat them. I asked her if she was using my special cheese, as I have a lactose intolerance, I thought it was OK to ask if she’d used my cheese as it seemed to taste very strong to me. She looked at me with a cheery face and said ‘no you’ve had a lactase tablet haven’t you’ (which I have to take if there is dairy products in whatever) so I said that I had, and asked her if she had used the cheese slices that I’d told her to use. I wished I hadn’t when she told me what she’d done!

Again I asked which cheese she’d used and she told me the one in the fridge door which is in our utility room.

I sat there feeling very puzzled telling her I thought it tasted too strong, and I like strong cheese, when she told me it was Pilgrim’s Choice. Now I knew I hadn’t bought any of that for ages so with a look of horror on my face I asked her what the sell by date was.

Grated cheese

‘I don’t know I didn’t look’ she said but by this time we were all yelling on a heap about her trying to poison us as I knew it must be ancient, I’d forgotten it was even there, although it hadn’t been opened, that was one blessing anyway.

As quick as a flash Derek jumped up and flew down to the kitchen to find the empty packet so that he could tell us the bad news. Would you believe the sell by date was 23 November 2017!! We were all asking her what she was playing at using cheese that was so out of date, had she had a mental aberration or what. The funny thing is we waste very, very little food and how that had gone past my eagle eye I don’t know, but it had.

Waste not want not

Still puzzled I asked her why she hadn’t used the cheese I told her to, to which her reply was ‘oh get it down you, you’ll not die of poisoning!’. She went on to explain that ‘there was no smell, no mould and nothing to make her think it was old cheese and that she had to check the date.’ So there you have it. Then added that another half a packet that was open was solid with mould, so she’d put that in the bin. She didn’t want to put it out for the birds and kill them off!

By this time we were all pulling faces at her and laughing on a heap, wondering why on earth we had let her into the kitchen in the first place and that we wouldn’t have if we’d known we were going to get Delhi Belly or something more awful.

Determined, she ploughed on and ate hers even though she had also gone rather heavy handed with the pepper by the way. I delicately scraped as much of the cheese off my wrap that I could, having already eaten some and knowing I have the kind of stomach that soon turns topsy-turvey if you know what I mean, I carried on eating with great trepidation while the other three merrily carried on eating theirs, those with the cast iron guts.

In the end we just had to laugh as she was so unrepentant and the look on her face was a picture. Anyway, you might be pleased to know that we did a roll call the day after and we are all still alive and kicking with no unpleasant side effects thank goodness, but I’m not sure about her trying any more recipes that she sees on Facebook!!

Common Sense

I suppose one thing it does prove is that the old fashioned way of using common sense to determine whether food is OK does work. In the ‘olden days’ of course, nothing had a sell-by or best before date on it, and everyone used smell and sight (and sometimes a bit of prodding) to see if things were safe to eat or not. I must admit we also do that – knowingly – in our house too!

Join in 

I’m sorry if you read this at the end of the last blog, but it’s important so I’m going to keep repeating it for those who haven’t seen it yet.

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This is their blog post on the subject:

Facebook changes

Jane has set me a new group up so that hopefully you’ll keep seeing my posts. Even if you already like my Facebook page, please join the group until we all see what effect this latest change is going to have. It also means that we’ll be able to talk to each other more easily too – which will be nice.

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