Salad and Slippers

Salad and Slippers

Here I am again with part two of Kevin’s escapade to the supermarket.

As you know from yesterday’s blog, the poor lad got into a bit of a confused state when he went this week. At tea time on Wednesday we were supposed to be having salad so they were all still working while I got the tea ready as usual.


I got the peppers, radishes, beetroot and all the other salad things out that you have and went to look for the lettuce. I wrote down to tell him to just get salad in a bowl to make life easier, so I went to the fridge, no salad.

We have another fridge in the utility as we can’t get all our stuff into one fridge (we aren’t on top of the shops so I like to be prepared!) so I went diving into that. No salad, so where was it I thought?

Undaunted and thinking my ‘looking’ skills were leaving a lot to be desired, I yelled up to the office ‘Kevin did you get the salad, I can’t find it’ to be met by ‘I know I bought some have you looked properly.’ So there I was, thinking I had either gone mad or blind or he had, I ought to have known.

Down he clattered from upstairs and nearly emptied the kitchen fridge while I was standing there thinking ‘I’m going to look a right dope if he finds it’ but no, no salad. Off he went to the fridge in the utility and did the same, no salad so I did suggest that it might have rolled out into the car boot and he’d not seen it, so door unlocked and off to check the car boot.

No salad there, so I was beginning to wonder why he was so sure that he had bought some when he obviously hadn’t so the next puzzle was, what are we having for tea and do you want salad with the rest of the stuff? As I had bought some roast beef to go with the meal, they all decided to have a sandwich with the meat and salad bits and bobs on the side, so off we went and just managed to have enough bread for us all.

I had boiled some eggs as well, so Jane sliced hers up and had one half egg and one roast beef which she actually enjoyed, so all was well that ended well. Weird Kevin had a roast beef and boiled egg sandwich, which he said was nice!

Oh dear, what can the matter be?

Now onto my dear hubby who has a bit of a habit of following me around if he has something wrong with him to get a pat on the back and some TLC for whatever is wrong with him. So when he came to bed the other night, he walked into the bedroom with that hangdog look on his face as if to say ‘I’m suffering, do something’.

When he told me what was wrong I nearly exploded with laughing at him when he said to me looking very upset ‘my slippers have stretched and got too big’.


I’ll explain. I bought him some new ones about four months ago from TK Maxx which had a nice spongy inside as he has such a high instep you could drive a bus under them. (Not the ones in this photo I might add!) Not having heard a word of complaint I assumed they were fine which is what he said they were originally, so he was really put out because all of a sudden they were too big.

I told him he ought to stretch his toes out further instead of clenching them (he has enormous big toes that tend to sort of curl up) while laughing my head off at the look on his face. He looked so sad that he had a slipper problem and as I wasn’t very sympathetic and laughed, the more he looked hang dog!. He sloped off into the bathroom with a disgruntled look on his face the poor thing!

By Royal Appointment

Jane and Kevin went to Cleveleys this morning to meet up with the High Sheriff of Lancashire. He’s visiting the volunteers and some council people, to see what they have achieved in their Care for Cleveleys team which Jane chairs.

High Sherriff visit to Cleveleys

There has been a wonderful team of gardeners and weed-puller-uppers who have really improved the general untidiness of the planters and the weeds that were growing everywhere, along with people who have helped in other ways.

There is still a lot going on in the pipeline that Jane is intending to do next, so hopefully Cleveleys will get some of the tidying up and smartening that it deserves. Kevin went to take photos so goodness knows what story they’ll have to tell when they get back. It will be a wonder if Jane hasn’t fallen asleep in front of him as she was out of the house this morning to a breakfast meeting at Fleetwood football ground for 7am.

Anyway, it will be interesting to see what has gone off, I’ll keep you posted. Meanwhile you can see the photos on the Care for Cleveleys page.

At least someone of importance is seeing the work that some people are doing for the town they love, as usually everything Jane does goes unseen by the powers that be and I’ll leave it at that before I say too much!!!!

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