Punch and Judy, a Shared Ice Cream - and Spiders!

Punch and Judy, a Shared Ice Cream - and Spiders!

Well, we had a lovely day on Saturday and then had to pay for it on Sunday with rain all day until after tea. We decided to go to Freeport on Saturday and enjoy the sunshine as we haven’t been there for quite a while.

Before we went, Muffin and Koko (the dogs) were spinning around like two tops at the thought of going out as if to say ‘you’re not leaving us behind so don’t even think about it’. Eventually we got organised and off we went. It wasn’t as busy as we thought it would be, although there were plenty of people there, but then we remembered it was the kite festival at St. Anne’s and wondered if a lot of people had gone there.

As we got there Punch and Judy was just striking up, so the kids enjoyed that in the sunshine.

Punch and Judy at Freeport Fleetwood

We were surprised to see that Urban had opened up again, as when they were closing we were chatting to the staff and it sounded as though they weren’t coming back when they left the store that’s now Bon Marche.

Freeport Fleetwood

Although their new spot at the right of The Works is a bit smaller than the one across the road was, it seemed popular enough with plenty of people browsing.

I must say that not having been for a few weeks, when we went in M&S we were astonished at what they had got on the racks. In good old Yorkshire fashion, I have to say it was tripe! That means rubbish. I don’t know what they are thinking of lately. We’ve been into Blackpool M&S a few times recently and thought some of the clothes weren’t much to write home about, but the clothes on Saturday were just awful.

There’s no wonder that sales are falling on the clothes front while food is soaring, because the styles were so odd. There was a top in a creamy colour with bright blue frills on the shoulders that I wouldn’t have been seen in I might say, and so it went on. Jane said the same as me with amazement at what was for sale, so in the end, out we came and hadn’t spent a penny. And that wasn’t for a toilet, oops I forgot its 20p, silly me.

We’re hard up…

Anyway, we had a laugh as when we got there, we walked to Next as we usually do and plonked on a bench.

Chrissie at Freeport Fleetwood

When I saw the ice cream van, I asked who wanted an ice cream as Jane usually loves one, but no, she was saving calories for tea time, but Derek decided he wanted one. As I was trying to get some money for him (he’s like the Queen and doesn’t usually carry money) Kevin shot off to the ice cream van and got him one along with one of those spoon like shovels they have for tub ice cream.

When he handed it over to himself, he asked who’d like a taste so I said yes and promptly got a spoonful of ice cream shoved into my mouth. Next came Jane who also was spoon fed and as he was standing up in front of us and we were sitting down it looked like Daddy feeding the children.

By now, the dogs were getting into a flat spin as they wanted some too, so Derek carried on shovelling ice cream into Jane and I’s mouths with the dogs getting increasingly vocal while Kevin wasn’t interested. Derek, not thinking, was digging away at the base of the ice cream, leaving me wondering if Vesuvious was going to go crashing over as it looked so precarious, but he carried on, a spoon for me, then Jane and lastly the dogs had some, thankfully not before we licked the spoon.

By this time Kevin was wondering if there was going to be any ice cream left for Derek, especially as none of us wanted one, but later on when we were saying how little we had spent on our afternoon out we had a laugh when Derek commented that as we shared an ice cream between three people and two dogs there was no wonder we’d not spent much. This was said with an ironic sound to his voice poor thing, but I’ll buy him another next time we go out and let him have it all to himself!

Incy wincy spider

Just a quick mention about something I’ve not talked about for a while, on the subject of spiders.

It seems that as we’ve had a cool August, the horrible eight legged things that seek me out and torment me are scuttling indoors, but not because they feel a bit on the cold side but because the randy little things are wanting to mate. Not in my house they aren’t, there’s going to be no naughty business going on in front of me you horrible arachnids.

The ones we see, and I have been having more than my fair share of, are the looking-for-nookie males, and reveal their hiding places in our homes, yuk. As you may have gathered, I don’t like spiders especially when they are stomping all over my bed as they have done a lot in the past, and now that I know they are fornicating on my bed they had better stop it or else.

I keep picking them up in a duster and throwing them through the bathroom window where they can be ‘naughty’ in peace and as Kevin kindly put some silicone in some gaps that they have been squeezing out of I am living in hope that they go and torment someone else.

I wish I knew what these squat black spiders are which have very short black legs on the side of their bodies and look like scuttling black crabs. I’ve looked them up everywhere and can’t find out what they are so if anyone knows please let me know! Put it this way, they can run like the clappers, I’ve never seen one as quick other than me who runs faster to get out of the way. I have got a lot braver at picking them up though so I suppose that’s in my favour, yuck!!

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