Pick up your Muck!

Pick up your Muck!

I’ll start today by asking if you’ve had a good Easter weekend? Apart from the rain on Sunday when it felt like Winter had returned!

As it was raining so much, we had a lovely afternoon and evening doing nothing other than what we wanted. Derek was doing another painting, Kevin was drawing while Jane and I were doing some colouring. Some people might think it’s a bit weird, but I must say that is the one thing that totally relaxes me. When I start deciding on colours etc I feel as though I’ve been hypnotised and want to go to sleep so it really must relax me. Jane says that I should take a little colouring book and some pencils to bed with me for when I can’t sleep, although the thoughts of waking up with a stray pencil stuck into my body doesn’t seem to be so alluring!

You might think I’m joking but if you’ve ever crossed swords with a bunch of sharpened pencils, they really hurt if you catch yourself on one, I’ve had a few times when I’ve drawn blood. I still have a green tattoo mark on my side from when I slipped over and fell onto my pencils and ended up with one impaled in my stomach. The whole coloured end of the pencil was well and truly stuck in my flesh, so much so that Derek  had to get the pliers and was pulling away like a mad man to get it out.

He resisted putting one foot into my stomach to pull at it, as at first there was no moving it. After several tugs and a crater on my side, out the blighter came. I now have a dark green scar which looks as though I’m turning mouldy and I’m not even dead yet! I could have got stabbed by a yellow or pink one which are my favourite colours, but no, dark green it was, but thankfully no one can see it!

Bright and sunny Bank Holiday Monday

Anyway, moving on as they say, to today’s main topic of conversation. We had a lovely walk on the prom in the afternoon sunshine which was very pleasant apart from the loads of people who looked at the dogs in the pram as if they were ruined and why weren’t they walking? We really are going to have to put a sign on the pram saying ‘Disabled not Pampered’ so I’ll have to see what Derek can come up with.

It was fairly busy on the new prom as it was here in front of us but it was such a nice afternoon there was no wonder. You’re probably wondering where all the people are in this photo – we usually avoid taking photos full-on of people walking in our direction!

Cleveleys promenade

Derek was bringing up the rear as his feet were hurting and sending pains up into his legs, I thought he was going to make the dogs get out and let him get in at one point but he managed eventually. My hips and knees were hurting while the other two were saying that they were soooo tired. What a set of cronks we were as made our merry way home!

Cleveleys beach Easter Monday

One thing that did annoy me was watching the woman on the beach and her dog who was pooing. Her dog did a poo on the beach right beside where a crowd of children were paddling (you can see them in this photo) and I’m not sure that she was watching it in the first instance so she didn’t move it. Poo number one was right on the edge of the water and got washed straight in (next to the paddling children).

The thing that capped it all was when the dog moved a few yards further away towards her and did another poo, and it was a large dog so big poos, and the woman ran, nay skipped, towards it. ‘Oh’ we said, ‘she’s going to pick it up’. Was she eck, she got to the poo and merrily pushed sand over it with her foot and then scarpered.

Please pick up your dog poo

We were outraged, especially as there were so many people on the beach around her, lots of children were playing on the sand and even in the water and I wouldn’t have been too happy if my child or me walked into the hidden poo never mind the one just left to disintegrate into the sea!

I would have been too embarrassed to do that especially when so many people were about, but obviously she doesn’t share my ‘guilt’ feelings or she would have moved it. It was so annoying, especially when there are signs every few feet telling you about picking up etc on the beach which she blatantly ignored, either that or she was blind, which of course she wasn’t as she managed to kick sand over it.  

Beach dog fouling signage

I was amazed that nobody said something to her as I think if we hadn’t been at the top of the steps and too far away we probably would have done, and offered her a bag. Why don’t people care about having clean seas and beaches for others to enjoy and think it’s OK to push a bit of sand over it when anyone could walk straight into it, maybe I’m too well behaved, who knows! There’s one thing for sure, it’s attitudes like that which lead to dog bans and all good owners being tarred with the same brush and being penalised. I don’t know, people!

The dog ban comes into force from 1 May. Largely thanks to our Rossall Beach Group going on and on about it, we do now have patrols at Cleveleys and if you are caught you will get a ticket – so do the responsible thing and keep our place nice by bagging it and binning it, please x 

Computer problems

I had to do my blog when we got back from our walk, and believe me it nearly didn’t happen as my computer wasn’t having any.

I couldn’t get the curser going for love nor money and after several attempts at trying various tactics I was just about ready for screaming and throwing the blooming thing over the balcony, maybe it would have worked then, you never know.

I tried to unplug my mouse fifty times, still no joy, Jane took the battery out and gave it wiggle, don’t know why though, but it still didn’t work (Kevin said something about re-booting it – I nearly gave it a boot). Then she fetched another mouse, still not working, that was after shutting the whole lot down and letting it update and reboot or whatever they do which took another half hour.

By this time I was getting pretty fed up with the whole thing but then Jane provided a brand new mouse and bingo, it was working as you can see, so here’s hoping that it carries on working and doesn’t have any more hissy fits!!!

What do you think?

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