Party Time - Part Two!

Party Time - Part Two!

But first, isn’t it cold, brrrrr. Sunday for me was the coldest yet, although we thankfully haven’t had any snow – yet. I loved it when I was young but not now I’m of tender years and aware that I could break my neck!

At least it’s dry and at long last the wind has dropped and people are still walking dogs on the beach in their numbers. It looked very cold and wintery and not very inviting!

Cold and wintery Cleveleys beach

Party Time no 2

It was very cold on Friday when we went to the coffee group’s Christmas dinner at the Regal so we got Kevin to drop us off and pick us up. If we had parked we would have run out of time and been on pins, and got blown into the middle of this week, turning up looking like Aunt Sally and Wurzel Gummage although I’m not quite sure who would be who are you! We arrived at the correct time and somehow managed to be the last in the queue just about, but it wasn’t a problem as there were name places on the tables so we sat where we were put. At least it was warmer in there thank goodness.

Chat group Christmas dinner

It was a full house as you might say with everyone turning up in festive mood so when we’d all finished chattering the food came round with Jane and I having melon and very nice it was too. Especially the raspberry compote which wouldn’t be hard for me to like as I love all things of a raspberry nature. Some had prawn cocktails or soup and Jane said what I was thinking, that if we had soup and rolls that would be a main meal for us! Especially silly me who must have a stomach the size of a ping-pong ball!

We were on a table for four which with me facing the window and not being able to see around the room obviously, I was busy watching shoppers coming and going in Home Bargains. Being of a bit of a nosey parker in a nice way, it was ideal for me as I love studying people.

Dorothy and Chrissie at Christmas dinner

I was telling Dorothy who was sitting next to me that I should have been an anthropologist as I love to watch people and wonder about them. I must say it was fascinating watching what they were buying, I would be well away sitting up there in the Regal watching the to and fro’s of people but maybe I would be arrested for being a peeping Tom!

When the first course was over, off we went to the second, as you would of course, pardon the pun. Jane and I had ordered turkey with all the trimmings, while the two Dorothy’s we were sitting with had salmon which looked very nice.

The waitress brought my plate and I groaned as I saw what was on it. Anybody normal would have said ‘yum yum’ but my eating habits aren’t quite what you call ‘normal’ as I take after my mum and as Jane says ‘don’t eat enough to keep a sparrow alive’!

There were five vegetables and which because of a medical condition, I knew I had lost before I started as I can’t eat much in the way of veg. Inwardly I was thinking ‘oh my goodness, my plate is full of the stuff’ which is fine if you haven’t got a tickly stomach, but the turkey was lovely and stuffing etc. The only trouble was, I picked up what I thought was the salt and threw a ton of pepper all over the top slice of turkey, so there I was feeling an absolute prat, trying to scrape off all the pepper on my plate!

I ate what I could which wasn’t much sadly, as the meal was very nice, and when the waitress came to take away my plate which had rather a lot left on it, I apologised profusely and said it was me that was the funny one and the meal itself was lovely and at least she understood as her mum was the same, phew, how embarrassed I felt. It didn’t help that we were eating at about 2.15pm as we have our lunch at about 12 noon normally. We are early risers and have breakfast very early, so for me, it was as though I had gone past it as they say!

Jane was doing her usual, throwing her arms about while she was talking to us and managed to knock her wine glass onto the floor and break it. But strangely, the base and stem were still on the table and didn’t move, how weird is that. So what with me with the pepper and Jane with the glass we were two dopes together!

I had gateau for my dessert and very nice that was too although again, too much for me so I had a good bash at eating it and managed most of it thank goodness.

Friends at Christmas dinner

Christmas dinner

All in all, we had a good time with friends and well done to Denise for organising it (ably helped by Dorothy).

As we were going another Christine tapped me on the shoulder and said hello, so it was nice to meet Christine Page, who I recognised from Facebook, and put a face to a name. 

Eventually we turned out into the dark cold evening and glad to see Kevin when he turned up, as it was so cold.

Party no 3

We are going to the party cabaret afternoon at The Venue today, along with a full three course meal but at least that starts at 12 noon so I should be more in the mood to eat it, I hope.

We are looking forward to that as there is entertainment, dancing, even a game of bingo thrown in and goodness knows what else, so as it is a full afternoon entertainment that should be a laugh with our usual crowd of Beach Buddies. I’ll keep you posted!

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