Party Time Part Three!

Party Time Part Three!

Here I am again after not talking to you for a couple of days, as I was at the Venue’s party cabaret afternoon on Monday, well part of it anyway.

Party afternoon at The Venue

Party afternoon at The Venue

After a busy morning and not feeling too fantastic Jane, Kevin and little old me went to our afternoon out, where at least the food was served at a better time for me anyway who has breakfast early and wants her lunch about 12 noon! Off we went with our glad rags on ready for fun and games, well I got them all right but not the sort I wanted.

The Venue was absolutely packed from one end to the other, and after finding our tables our gang went and sat down waiting for the food to be served while having a good old natter. As I’d not been too wonderful in the morning, or for the last few weeks come to that, I enjoyed my melon starter and especially of course the raspberry sauce which I’ve already told you I love, yum yum.

Anyway, our turkey dinner turned up which was really nice. The turkey just melted on the fork it was so tender, but again too much for little old me which was a shame as it was really nice. The roast carrots also just melted in your mouth, but by the time I got through my lunch I was starting to feel odder and odder so I thought I’d better open my mouth before I fell into my chocolate fudge cake and made a complete fool of myself.


Half a Party

‘Jane’ I said ‘will Kevin take me home as I’m not exactly on top form’, so forsaking my lovely dessert, off I went back home. Derek was amazed to see me as he wasn’t expecting us back until turned 4pm, so a cup of tea and a rest on the settee was for me, while the others enjoyed the entertainment which I particularly wanted to hear.

Jane said the singer was very good and she actually got up and danced along with quite a few more although there were a lot of ‘old ones’ like me who probably didn’t want to shake and move it! She played some video back that Kevin had taken and he did sound good too. They played bingo, again something I’ve never done in public, only in the house at Christmas with family just for a laugh, so I missed that one and I’d gone prepared with glasses and biro, tut tut!

Merry Christmas at The Venue

Jane and Kevin said they’d enjoyed the rest of the afternoon and were full of stories when they did get home. At least I didn’t miss out on my chocolate fudge cake as they brought it home with them, complete with plate, which we’ll take back when we go again on Monday!! I look like pulling my socks up as I have two more to go to next week so I’ll have to get on the Sanatogen.


Tonic Required

Did anyone else take that when they were younger? It was supposed to be a very good tonic and pick me up which I once tried but it didn’t do much for me. Now that is a blast from the past isn’t it, I don’t know whether you can still buy it.

Christmas Cards

Yesterday lunch time I thought I’d better apply myself and get some Christmas cards written to friends who are still in Yorkshire. I don’t know about you, but it’s not a job I enjoy any more, although I didn’t used to mind doing them so I don’t know where I’ve gone wrong. Some of the cards have a letter from me in them to let people know what we are doing and have a catch up as some aren’t on Facebook and regard it as the Devils work!

Anyway, by the time I’d finished writing a few, I get writers cramp and can’t undo my poor arthritic fingers very well. Jane suggested I type them on my computer, but it seems so impersonal to me, although a lot faster and neater in my case. I don’t know about anyone else but my hand writing gets worse the older I get, I don’t know whether it’s because my fingers are so painful with arthritis or what.

My mum used to complain when she was in her eighties and nineties that she was very shaky which she was, it did tend to look a spider had crawled on the page and I can see myself going the same way, oh what joy!

After I’d done a few in my lunch hour, I downed tools and thought of England if you know what I mean, so my intention is to do some more later, although I wouldn’t count on it. I should be ashamed shouldn’t I, just a few letters, but never mind, they will be done before Christmas so that’s all that matters!

A lot of people aren’t sending cards any more and there’s no wonder as the cost of the stamp is more than the cost of the card. I think we’ll have to put our thinking cap on and see what we could come up with. Maybe Kevin can invent a letter writing robot for me that looks as though I’ve written it, mmm you never know in our house do you!!

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