Party Time - part four and five!

Party Time - part four and five!

I’m back again, sorry I’ve missed a few days but I’ve been busy gadding off to parties, in between having to do work and shopping, so here I am again to tell you about the happenings in our mad house.

Party Time part four…

Monday was a beach clean day and what a beautiful sunny crisp day it was too, it couldn’t have been better for that job with wall to wall sunshine all day.

Beautiful morning for beach cleaning

Of course I didn’t go to the beach clean, as my aches and pains won’t let me do what I used to do, but I have lots to do in the morning anyway. So when I’d finished ‘slaving’ away over household duties, Derek, Kevin and I went off to The Venue for our lunch which was very kindly paid for by Glasdon. They give us a cheque every year to do something enjoyable with the group for the hard work the volunteers do throughout the year. Isn’t that brilliant of them, it is so appreciated and such a thoughtful thing to do, so again many thanks to Glasdon.

Have a look at all the photos below (Click on the date to see the album of photos). Why don’t you make 2018 the year that you come and join in?

Our usual gang were there along with some of the other regular beach cleaners and how nice it was too. Lots of chips as requested as everyone seems to love their chips, red hot and crispy, yum yum. Of course we made our usual din but it was a lovely treat with lovely food and friends.

Party time part five!

Wednesday saw us back again at The Venue with our Rossall Beach friends and would you believe we were actually the second to get there. That is amazing as somebody in our house is usually still working, going to the toilet, getting changed, seeing to the dogs, you get the picture don’t you, just generally on the last push. So we were amazed that the place was empty all bar Betty and Keith, but it wasn’t for long as they all started turning up for our Christmas dinner. Sadly, some of our friends couldn’t make it due to various illnesses so I hope they all make a speedy recovery and to let them know they were missed.

Christmas meal at The Venue

I think we ought to get a bed at The Venue as we do seem to go there a lot lately, but I think we have just about got to the end of the partying for now, we just have the Regal coffee group to go to this morning and then it’s the rugby scrum to get the Christmas food, oh what joy.

I hate getting the food as it is usually packed everywhere with no room to push trolleys round and queues a mile long at the check outs, but anyway, I’m running off my story.

We had our usual three course meal and I must say that I enjoyed mine, I don’t know about the others, with turkey that melted in your mouth, yum but the fun started when Jane started after the dinner bringing out the quizzes to get us all thinking.

It certainly makes you do that all right, with a sheet of rebus questions (that means pictures that you have to turn into words) but the hilarious thing was, she got it off the internet and hadn’t got the answers as you had to pay for them! We must be good though as we managed to work the answers out between us in between lots of laughing. I have to say I’ve never seen us as quiet when we were working the answers out.

Rossall Beach Group the quietest they have ever been

We had a music quiz made up of carol songs with a line from some of them to guess which they were so of course there were various singing noises coming from round the room, again, amusing to say the least.

Can you draw a snowman?

Then another quiz, which we all complained was hard, despite it being for children! That was followed by holding a paper plate (no not the ones full of food remnants or what a mess) over our heads and you had to draw a snowman with Jane telling you what to do and telling us to draw the body, middle, head, arms, eyes, nose and mouth and not forgetting his hat.

You’ve never seen anything like the mess we made, I wouldn’t have believed it was so difficult to draw something on your head, well it is. Have a watch of this video where we all demonstrated our efforts!

Eventually we added up all our scores and Betty won, one of our friends, so Jane promptly banned her from coming and doing a quiz next year amid lots of laughter (only kidding in case you wondered!)

All in all it was a fun lunch and afternoon with good friends so when at last we got home (or should I say rolled in) at about 4.15pm my were my little dogs glad to see me, they started running round in circles until they made me dizzy never mind them.

All in all it’s been a good run up to Christmas with parties and fun all the way, so here’s to having a nice quiet family time and having a good old rest in the holidays, I can’t wait.

Merry Christmas

I’ll take this opportunity to wish everyone a very merry Christmas, as with Christmas Day being on Monday it’s very likely that I won’t be doing any more blogs between now and then. 

I hope you have a lovely time and thank you for reading and chatting on Facebook, and the emails I get. It’s been great, and we’ll do it all again next year ­čÖé

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Merry Christmas from the Rabbit Patch

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