Now You See Me...

Now You See Me...

Here I am again after being missing for a couple of days. I did get to the Museum at Fleetwood on Monday afternoon, our group went for a look round, followed by yummy cream cakes and tea, but the door was as far as I got.

Why you might wonder? Well, I never should have gone in the first place really as I had a pretty awful weekend with pain (arthritis) and didn’t really feel any better. In case you don’t know, I have it all over the place but the worst is in my neck and spine which I’m sure if anyone else out there has it there, they will know where I’m coming from.

Anyway, in spite of bouts of vertigo because of it and really bad pain, I thought I would go and see what I was missing being the nosey person that I am. The guide had only been talking for a few minutes when I thought to myself “I’ll have to go and sit out in the car for a few minutes” as the room was spinning in all directions. It’s not a good feeling when you are going round a museum at the best of times, although I did take my fold up stool with me in case I needed to sit down, as standing and my stupid body don’t go well together!

However, I got outside and went and sat in the car while the world righted itself, when Kevin appeared and told me in no uncertain terms that he was taking me home. He knew how much pain I’d been in and used his common sense as I seemed to have lost mine when I knew I shouldn’t have gone in the first place.

The dogs were glad to see me though, so feeling as dizzy as a cuckoo (although I’ve never seen a dizzy cuckoo I don’t know about you) I had no choice but to lie on the settee until I got off the merry go round! I had thought I might as well do a blog but no, my brain wasn’t functioning enough to do that either, so I just had a rest in the sunshine in the room.

The trouble is with something like the problem I have, you look so blooming normal when in fact you could scream the house down and I’m not moaning at all. The people at the museum, mostly our friends, must have thought I was trying some sort of disappearing act, like ‘now you see her, now you don’t’ if you get the drift. I was sorry I missed the tour and the cream cakes and laughs afterwards, but there will be other days to enjoy I’m sure.

You can have a look at the photos here

A bit of a diversion…

Tuesday is our shopping day for food etc and I also had to take a top back to M&S that was a mile too big even though it was a size 10. Honestly I could have done with a 4 it was so big. But anyway, as it was the only chance Jane had to take me I went with her after lunch to do the deed in spite of the hail, rain, wind and freezing weather. The things we do to feed our men I don’t know, but anyway, we decided that as it was so foul outside we would go to the big Sainsbury’s which is all undercover and then pop into Blackpool to change my top.

The place was absolutely deserted worse than last Wednesday when we went for my birthday, although the weather didn’t help, oh it was so cold especially at the back of the Tower on Bank Hey Street. I got my top refunded, we popped downstairs for something nice for tea and then as Jane wanted to pop to Smiths we walked round there.

Now I love Blackpool and I would always encourage people to come here, so please don’t take this the wrong way. But I’m not joking the place looked like the whole town had closed down. Shutters, to let and for sale signs all over the place. WH Smith’s looks as though it wants a good fettle, there are tiles dropping off the outside and it’s really scruffy looking. There wasn’t much else open on there apart from Poundlands and a couple of shops and all I could think was what must visitors think. It would be better if all the fronts had the colourful vinyls on them like some of the shops have but the whole place looked awful and so run down. What a let down for the town, surely something could be done about the appearance. It looked as though it had all been emptied waiting to be demolished.

I’m really not trying to run the town down as I always harp on about what a great place it is, but it struck a chord with me as I saw it through the eyes of visitors and it made me sad to think what it used to be like on there. Still I can’t do anything on my own so hopefully one day the council or anybody will go there and see what I saw.

After that we were frozen and ready for home so off we went, with us both aching all over by the time we got home. What are we like!!

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