Nothing Stirred, not even a Mouse...

Nothing Stirred, not even a Mouse...

‘Nothing was stirring not even a mouse…’ the end of a rhyme, but that’s what it’s like in our house during our lunch time break.

When we’ve had a chat, usually while we’re eating – and no we don’t spit food everywhere in case you are wondering – we put the world to rights and discuss our business happenings along with world affairs, and then that’s when the silence descends.

I said to my three that if anyone walked into our lounge, which would be difficult as the doors are always kept locked, that they would think that we’d been falling out big time as it’s so quiet when we’ve done chatting. Why you might ask, well the simple answer is, colouring.

As you may know from previous blogs, Jane and I have been colouring for well over two years now and we love it, it’s better than a sedative in our opinion. Now Kevin has joined us. He’s gone from drawing people’s faces, which he does very well I might add, to a bit of relaxation therapy, as Jane has given him one of her colouring books.

When he first started with just a small book and a few pencils I don’t think he got it at all, but as both Jane and I had been nagging at him to give it a whirl he did. At first he struggled, but being as he was comparing his new efforts to us two who have been colouring for a long time, we kept telling him to be patient and develop his skills.

Now I think we’re getting him as hooked as we are as he’s progressed onto another book, but not after a bit of drama from him when he was trying to colour in a very large toucan which needed some imagination as it was drawn sort of intricately, not like a real life toucan. Every two minutes he kept saying ‘I don’t like this it’s not right’ when it certainly was, but we avoided a full blown tantrum by showing him how to shade. Which was fine while he was colouring a Swiss cheese plant in which was behind the bird.

The fun started after he’d managed to do the very large beak of the bird and progressed onto the body, which was full of pattern and needed some imagination to decide what colours to use. Which is part of the relaxing process as you can’t be wondering whether your leg is going to fall off or something, when you are busy wondering what colour to do a toucan’s chest, now can you?!

Anyway, after a successful head and beak and leaves, he got very truculent over the body, so Jane told him to pack it in before he ended up depressed or there wouldn’t have been any point in doing it in the first place would there. It makes sense to me so I hope you are following me!

Anyway, our living room is starting to turn into a bit of an artists studio. The bookshelves have a nice selection of both Jane’s and I’s new books waiting to be explored, while we have drawers that we have bought, plastic or cardboard not Sheraton in case you were wondering, where we have our pencils stored in various colours and brands.

These are Jane’s green pencils – she’d posted them on our Seaside Emporium Facebook page the other day, causing much laughter.


Jane's green pencils

The day after she posted one of the pictures in the book that she’s currently working on (below), it’s called ‘The Time Chamber’.

I’m doing Johanna Basford’s Lost Ocean right now.

Jane's colouring

The only trouble is, it tends to get a bit addictive as we’ve found out from other people on Facebook. Once you get hooked on it you can’t stop buying pencils and books and bits that you never knew you needed until you got them. I suppose it’s better than smoking yourself to death or being addicted to drugs or drink, it’s also a lot cheaper and healthier I would say, as you can feel your blood pressure coming down as you colour, it really does work.

There are colours in the boxes that make your mouth water and being especially fond of pastels, I have to stop myself having a lick at them as they are good enough to eat. There we sit, absorbed in what we are doing, in my case wondering what colours to do next and hoping I can keep inside the lines although my pencil rubber with a brush on the other end is invaluable, especially as us oldies sometimes don’t always have a steady hand if you know what I mean!

We were sitting there at lunch time, surrounded by pencils of every colour, while Derek entertains himself with the iPad, so silence reigns in our house apart from the odd ‘what colour should I do this’. But the only trouble is, it seems to hypnotise you and it relaxes us to the point that we feel as though we are going to sleep, which Jane has been known to do before today. I can fully recommend our hobby if you are swinging off the chandelier with stress, even just half an hour after a meal makes a difference, and it certainly works for us!

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