New Speed Limits on Amounderness Way

New Speed Limits on Amounderness Way

If you live around the Cleveleys/Fleetwood area, you probably know by now about the Highways England project on Amounderness Way – where they have built a new pavement and cycle lanes between the Three Lights and Eros roundabouts, upgraded the roundabout and installed a pelican crossing. 

Highways England cycle track project at Amounderness Way Fleetwood

I suppose you’ll have gathered that if you use the road, but there are a couple of things which you might not have already clocked.

Watch your speed

Did you know about the layby which has been specially built to house ‘authorised vehicles’ and the speed camera van to catch the unwary people who might be going too fast? I thought I would just put you all in the picture if you didn’t know. The pull in is on the Fisherman’s Friend side of the road and right next to their building.

Vehicle pull in at the side of Fisherman's Friend on Amounderness Way in Fleetwood

Pull in for authorised vehicles on Amounderness Way

New speed limits

Critically, the speed limits have also had a ‘tamper with’ as well.

The main bit of Amounderness Way has a speed limit of 50mph which has been reduced where said pavement and cycle path have been built, and now drops to 40mph from the Eros roundabout and then drops again to 30mph at Fisherman’s Friend for the new Pelican crossing, which has also been built at Three Lights roundabout.

New 30mph speed limit at the Three Lights roundabout

The speed limits have obviously been reduced for the hoards of pedestrians and cyclists. Am I being cynical or does it also seem to be a good way of getting revenue for the powers that be, because I would bet anything that they are going to make a pretty penny out of a lot of motorists don’t you.

Spot the change of speed limit

Jane went on a reckie to take these photos yesterday and even though she was on the lookout she didn’t spot the new 40mph sign until she was coming back home. Approaching from Eros roundabout the 40mph signs aren’t on the start of the new section – they are actually at the other side of Eros roundabout as you come off the previous bit of Amounderness Way (I hope that makes sense – next to Farmer Parr’s field). They are nicely positioned where you are concentrating on the upcoming roundabout and what traffic is coming from where, so she hadn’t even seen them until she was concentrating on finding them coming back the other way.

Along with a lot of other people who think as I do, that with roads all over Wyre (and in fact the country) being in such a poor state of repair, why have they spent so much on doing a pavement and roundabout that seemed to be perfectly fine. If Highways England have too much money in their coffers I could think of a lot more deserving cases as we drive round the place don’t you think.

There  are massive pot holes everywhere you go on our roads, the road in front of me being a prime example, but we can get nothing done. Lancashire seem to go deaf when it is suggested that anything is done in Cleveleys along with a lot more roads that I could name. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not against the pavement and cycle path being done and I can see why people have argued in favour of it. But it would be nice if other roads which are in more need and get more use had priority. We keep being told that public funds are limited and spending has to be prioritised to areas of most need – until it suits. 

Also, I haven’t got that a bug bear about speed cameras and I do think that it’s a good thing that speed enforcement is used to bring down speeds, particularly of persistent offenders. However, I do think that in general the radar traps catch people with a slightly heavy right foot rather than doing anything to stop lunatics who really want the book throwing at them – but that’s another story. 

But when they are building a special layby for the police to sit in and wait for speeders, I must say that it does smack of getting money out of people. I wouldn’t mind betting that the van appears pretty quickly too. Apparently the signage for the changed speed limit is not all that clear and I bet they make a quick attempt to catch people who have not realised that it’s changed. Years ago Kevin got a ticket in exactly that way near the windmill at Marton – it was only a couple of weeks after the limit had changed there.

As we all know, for everyone who sees a speed camera, on go the brakes – and short of causing an accident by looking at the speedometer every two minutes to see if you are doing a couple of miles over the speed limit rather than looking at the road, I bet that most people unknowingly, creep over the speed limit by a mile or two without deliberately speeding, especially if it’s busy and we need to keep our eyes on the what’s going on around you not looking to see if you are being ‘naughty’.

I do think they are a good thing if they are used to prevent accidents but I think so many people have the opinion that they are money raisers as well don’t you? Time will tell in the case of the new road so we’ll just have to wait and see.

Fooled you!

Speaking of getting fines, last Friday when we’d finished at the coffee morning at the Regal, as usual we went to M&S for some shopping, aware that we had to keep an eye on the time as we used our residents parking permit to park for free on the car park opposite Kay’s.

It’s saved us a fortune over the years and is brilliant, but you only have two hours which doesn’t last long when you can talk like us two and you have shopping to do.

Anyway, mindful of the time, we hurried back to the car and lo and behold sitting in a car parked next us was the traffic warden. We had just over five minutes to spare when we got back and by the look of him he was merrily writing us a ticket to slap on the windscreen if we didn’t turn up. He had actually seen us arrive – at what was 10.18am exactly, so no doubt he thought ‘they’re mine’.

We certainly spoilt his fun for the day as we were in time and the minute we got into our car, he got out of his and went walking off to try and catch somebody else.

We are encouraged to shop local but when you have these eagle eyed ‘people’ watching you for if you are a minute or two over time, it does make you think. If people were to have an afternoon out and saunter in and out of the shops, you could be ages, but I must say that it made my day to spoil his fun, naughty aren’t I!!!!

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