New Sea Wall, Tram Extension and Blackpool on the Telly

New Sea Wall, Tram Extension and Blackpool on the Telly

But first, some chatter from Chrissie Towers. Our lovely peaceful weekend was lovely indeed, all tucked up watching the rain and wind, what more could we want although the peace and quiet kept being shattered by the mad goings on in our house as usual.

As I said, we were going to watch Doc Martin and we did, although I thought Kevin was going to have a stroke at one point as he laughed so much at the antics. It was so slick and even, one daft thing after another, until we were all rolling round the floor laughing at them, well not quite on the floor but on the settee if you get my drift.

It makes it more funny because Jane keeps likening them to us, Derek is Doc Martin for obvious reasons, Kevin is the PC, dippy and always in trouble. Jane is Louisa and loves the clothes she wears while last but not least I am Mrs Tishell, again obviously, as I’ve usually got my neck collar on like her and also am dippy although I’m not in love with my doctor!!

I nearly fell apart when she braked to an emergency stop and the air bag shot into her face, it was so me. So all in all, as you can gather we had good clean simple fun to entertain us for an hour. Kevin did say that when we watched the first couple of series he didn’t quite get the humour until he became addicted like us and now he loves it!

Derek spent a few happy hours getting the sand and foam off the windows on Sunday after all the storms but he still has the back of the house to do so no doubt that will be next weekend, but at least we can see the lovely sunshine and sea through them.

Opening the new Promenade

Jane went to the opening of the new stretch of prom at Anchorsholme yesterday afternoon.

Opening of Anchorsholme Sea Defence Scheme

She’d worked for them on a part time basis and still does at Rossall, how four years flies by. Anyway, off she went and glad that it wasn’t windy and the sun was out.

The scheme cost £27.1 million and protects 4,800 properties from flooding so that was the official opening and as it’s supposed to last for 100 years I somehow don’t think I’ll be around to see the next one, or somebody will be complaining don’t you think!!

The project, along with the Rossall end which is due to be finished in Spring, forms one of the largest coast defence projects in the country, so we have shot to fame with all the work that has been done. I don’t know who actually opened the prom but I heared all about it at tea time so that was interesting.

Tram Extension

The other big project taking place in Blackpool is the tramway extension to Talbot Gate from the prom, and is due to start next month, although the government haven’t signed on the bottom line yet by all accounts.

Talbot Road Blackpool

By but that would make me nervous don’t you think. I myself being of cautious nature would want everything in place and officially ready to go before I stuck a spade into the project wouldn’t you, as things have a habit of coming unstuck sometimes. But it’s not mine to worry over thank goodness!

The council don’t see a problem that the Ministry of Transport has yet to confirm the go ahead, so good luck there then! As someone said, if something critical happens and the Minister won’t sign off on the scheme they are to going to have a mighty big bill to sort out, rather them than me, I would have to dig deep into my bank account to pay for that lot and as only moths would fly out, gulp, think what would happen! Joking apart, I’m sure it’s a done deal – all bar the paperwork.

Parts of Dickson Road and Talbot Road are to be closed from November to get the relocation of utilities under way before the actual tracks are laid. The funding comes from £16.4 million from the Lancashire Enterprise Partnership which is government money, and £4.7 million from the council. Council bosses say they have to go through with the scheme or lose the grants, which would be awful, so really the council have got their arm up their back to get cracking on time don’t you think!

Bargain Loving Brits in Blackpool

Just a quick word about the first episode of ‘Bargain Loving Brits in Blackpool’ that we also watched, showing people coming on holiday and what they did while here,showing quite a lot of the town as well.

Bargain Loving Brits in Blackpool

So far the programme hasn’t done what they usually do and made Blackpool look like a corporation tip, which is always a worry.

Instead they’ve shown real life holiday makers enjoying the place that they obviously loved to visit, having nothing but good to say about the place. So I for one really enjoyed it and will be watching the next episodes, how about you!!

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