New Money for Old

New Money for Old

It seems that Brexit, like it or lump it, is well and truly under way with the signing by the Prime Minister and the delivery of the document to Brussels.

I’ve always said that in my opinion it will be a good thing for us, as being of a certain tender age, I can remember what it was like way before we went into the Common Market all those years ago and what a great country it was.

I was brought up to know that Great Britain was a powerful nation both in its manufacturing and trading and we were known as ‘The Workshop of the World.’ I truly think we will be that again when the dust dies down, and with a lot of ‘Remain’ people now admitting that already trading has picked up and the fears that were spread pre the vote were proving to be unfounded, maybe we will be ‘Great’ again instead of being the puppets of Europe!

Then of course, on Tuesday we had the new one pound coin out for the first time in about 30 years, although I haven’t seen one yet. Have you?

New Pound Coin, photo: BBC

From photos of them they look to me very much like the old threepenny bit that we had when I was a child. That had a sort of octagonal shape too, and my could you get a lot for it.

Three penny bit, photo John Winter

I remember that, after playing out with my friends where I lived, we would all march off to the local chippy clutching our threepenny bits and have a great bag full of chips which tasted marvellous to us hungry kids, and drowned in salt and vinegar there was no taste like it. Also, it bought us a bag of sweets which we loved especially when the rationing ended after the Second World War, and it took quite a few years before that happened in 1954. It was so nice to go to our local shop and have a paper cone full of all these delights for just three pennies. If I remember rightly that would be the equivalent of about one and half new pence, which today wouldn’t buy you much would it.

Being an oldie, although I still feel like a youngie, I can also remember the old penny farthing with its little wren stamped on it and was it a small coin too, so easy to lose. I think I still have some somewhere, along with the old sixpences which also were small and silver in colour. They were known as ‘tanners’ and you could get a lot more with a tanner, although it wasn’t very often that I laid my hands on one of those I can tell you!

We had a small shop on our road, which always seemed odd to me as it was a residential street and not near the town centre, but that was where we spent our pennies (old ones not new ones) and I can still see it and remember everything about it. A very old lady who never looked particularly clean owned the shop and was known as Mrs. Denton and quite a stern person she was too. My friends and I loved to go there to see what you could buy and I especially remember the tins of biscuits that were laid on their side to help yourself from as there were no prepacked biscuits then.

I loved it when she had bags of broken biscuits for sale that were a lot cheaper and which often happened when people were sticking their hands into the large tins. Vinegar was served into a jug out of a wooden cask of the stuff and I loved to fill my bottle up with the little tap which you turned to get the vinegar out ofit. Again, there was no bottled vinegar, that was to come later.

The whole shop was a delight of curiosities and a wealth of different things that she sold, it fascinated me and still does to this day, although now I think she would be closed down on the grounds of hygiene, well I know she would, but we were never the worse for it, maybe as they say ‘a bit of dirt never hurt anyone’ and there was plenty of that in her shop believe me!

Mrs. Denton lived to be in her nineties at the back of the shop, in what was a fairly newly built house at the time and to be honest she did look a bit like photos of a witch, and my did we behave in front of her.

Now, a lifetime later, we have the new pound coin and the new five pound note although I think I must be the only person in England who likes those, they just appeal to me and feel nice to me although most people that I know don’t like them, so maybe I’m the odd one who knows!

Mr Muffin’s in the wars

Just a quick word about my poor little Muffin who has been in the wars again with another upset stomach. First of all he brought a stack of white froth and thick phlegm up, then he had very loose bowels bless him, although he was ravenous by lunchtime so maybe he had a good empty out if you know what I mean! Yesterday morning he was still rather ‘loose’ but at least it wasn’t in his bed, thank goodness, like it was last time. Again he scoffed his lunch and settled down for a nice nap while being plastered up to me while I typed. Hopefully that will be an end to his shinanigans and his guts settle down now. I keep saying that he was put on earth to suffer, like me his mum. Well you know what I mean, as last time I looked I hadn’t given birth to any dogs, but both of us seem to get our fair share of problems unfortunately!

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