New Life for Bispham Tram Stop

New Life for Bispham Tram Stop

Have you seen the plans for the tram shelter at Bispham, well in case you don’t know it is going to become a café with a roof top terrace.

Bispham Tram Station

We knew some time ago of the plans, as Jane had been talking to the owners, and it seems that it has been released to the public, and there’s a sign on the front of the building.

The shelter was built 85 years ago and again is an example of old buildings and a landmark to so many people. The café is going to employ six people full time and four part time workers and plans have been put in for the scheme although there have been some complaints, well there would be wouldn’t there. The day that anyone gets plans through with no objections will be a miracle and I know to my cost what ‘objectors’ can do to make your life a misery believe me! Already concerns have been raised about traffic to make sure that the parade doesn’t become a car park for staff and customers.

I did wonder myself if the owners were relying on foot traffic with passing people because I can’t think where you could park your car other than on the road, so maybe they will have to work that one out. As one objector said, ‘what will happen to the roof terrace when it is blowing a gale’. Well surely nobody in their right mind would go up there for a cuppa in a force 10 gale, I wouldn’t be so daft.

Having said that, the shelter will have what other eateries on Red Bank Road haven’t got, a fantastic sea view and just imagine sitting up there on a calm sunny day, that is if we ever get any, enjoying your coffee and enjoying the view.

View from ground level at Bispham

I think it will certainly tempt people in don’t you. I would have a go up there, although as I don’t like heights I wouldn’t be pushing for the grandstand seat next to the balcony edge!

I personally think that it is lovely to see old buildings being brought back to life and used again instead of standing there empty, so good luck to them, I hope it works for them.

Extreme punishment

On a different subject, I was quite horrified at the piece in the Gazette about the parents who had been punishing their children with a BB gun although I’m not sure what BB means. Do you know or am I just ignorant. (Jane: ‘BB’ is ball bearings, ie they fire ball bearings. Ouch).

The couple, who have five children between seven and fifteen, used the gun when they didn’t behave, while the dad kept it handy down the side of the sofa and gave it to the mother when he went to work. Well I suppose you could say that at least he had a job which is a minor miracle today with some people, but anyway, the dad has been jailed for his barbaric treatment of his children and I should think so too.

The fifteen year old was shot in the leg when she refused to change a babies nappy. Besides which, the parents had the children and shouldn’t leave it to the other children to do their work for them, in my opinion.

The thirteen year old girl was shot when she didn’t wash the dishes properly and shot at as she had a boyfriend and her dad said she was too young. Whatever happened to sitting them down and talking to them about your fears instead of shooting at them, unbelievable!

The thirteen year old told her teacher that she had been shot and had bruises and an open wound on her legs and said that she did not feel safe at home. Is there any wonder, it’s not the Wild West, it’s today and while I’m all for disciplining children and teaching them boundaries, shooting your children is unthinkable, don’t you think.

Eventually Social Services came in and the children were taken away, while one of them said that if she didn’t do the chores either her mum or dad would threaten her with the BB gun or shoot at her on the legs, arms, stomach and back!

The other children told the same story with one of them being shot when she dropped something. It seems that the dad used it more than the mum although when he wasn’t there she also used it. When arrested the father admitted using a Nerfgun (still don’t know what that is) to fire foam darts but claimed that his thirteen year old daughter was responsible for the BB injuries on the other children.

Eventually both parents pleaded guilty to five counts of child cruelty, although the dad had a past history of drug abuse and alcohol but had been free of drug abuse for six years and sober for a year. As a result, the father got two years in jail and the mother a 19 month suspended sentence and I should think so.

For once words fail me that parents could use any kind of weapon against their own children when usually we all would fight to the death for our kids, not shoot at them.

Obviously whatever a BB gun is it can’t be like a firearm or they would be dead, but even so, those children are going to be mentally scarred for life I would have thought with that level of violence that they had to put up with poor things. It makes you wonder what we are coming to as a society with more and more reports of similar behaviour with deaths, stabbings and shootings become more and more frequent. What will it be like in twenty years and fifty years time? I dread to think, but I won’t find out as I shall be pushing the daisies up by then unless a miracle occurs.

Shame on any parent who abuses their children in whatever way when it comes to any form of violence. Children learn by example, need I say any more, I don’t think so.

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