More Good than Bad

More Good than Bad

I must say that my faith in people has been well and truly restored, by the overwhelming support from so many people in response to the news about the vandalised defibrillator.

 Vandalised community defibrillator

There have been tens of thousands of views of the Facebook posts and still climbing, so it’s nice to know how many caring people are out there.

You can read the full story about how the community defibrillator was vandalised here.

Not only that, in 24 hours an amazing amount of money has already been raised by people on the JustGiving page. We’ll use what we need to pay for our box and repairs and then put the rest towards another unit. 

If you’d like to donate the JustGiving page is at this link

We still feel flabbergasted that these wanton vandals found it so funny as to destroy a machine that can save lives, it’s not quite in the same league as smashing a road sign or something, and they are old enough to know better. Whatever is the answer, as this sort of behaviour and a lot worse is going on all across the country. No town or city seems to escape this nastiness that these type of youths cause.

When I was younger it was unheard of to have so much violence. Of course a certain amount must have existed, but as there wasn’t the media coverage that there is today to some extent things like that didn’t get reported. I can remember when people were hanged and believe me crime was at a very low level. And before somebody starts yelling at me that people shouldn’t die for committing a murder, the incidences of murder were so low it was untrue. Maybe the deterrent that you lost your life after taking someone else’s stopped a lot of potential crime, because who would fancy dangling on the end of a rope. If you heard of one murder a year you would go on your back with your feet in the air as it was so rare and I remember when I was a young girl my parents talking in hushed voices about a woman who had actually been murdered by her husband and badly defaced with the knife he used.

My town was a quiet place where nothing ever happened. You could go out and leave your door unlocked and nobody would have robbed you. Crime as such was unheard of, so when that erupted on the news, it was horrific to our town and talked about for a long time. Compare that with today and it’s so common to hear of stabbings, murders, guns, gang violence, drugs, drink and all the rest that sadly it becomes just another victim on the news.

I myself think it is appalling that we can be complacent about the state this country is heading towards, it’s bad enough now, what will it be like in years to come I wonder. Why on earth someone isn’t taking a stand against all this crime is beyond me, where are the parental values (not everyone are bad parents or bad children obviously) but when kids are starting out on a life of crime at a young age what chance do they have of not becoming ‘bad’ as they grow up. 

In my opinion it seems that crime is not punished enough. It’s not all about police cutbacks and there not being enough police on the streets to catch criminals. We’ve watched many programmes where the police catch people dealing drugs and when the police stop them they are all matey-matey and get let off with a warning. The ones who go through the legal system just get a slap on the wrists and a ‘punishment’ that’s a joke, and one that no doubt they wear like a badge of honour.

That is just one example, a small one at that, but parents and schools could take some responsibility and catch children when they are young and make it a part of school life to be taught right from wrong, before we end up with a dreadful society in years to come. Stopping discipline in schools to me was failure waiting to happen, again, there are good schools depending on where you live largely, but a lot of schools have the kids running the place as they know the teachers are helpless when it comes to chastising them, and haven’t got much to offer in the way of punishment.

I went to a traditional grammar school when I was young. Bullying was unheard of, and right through to the Upper Sixth form that I was in, I never heard of one instance of it. Graffiti just did not happen – it never entered anyone’s head to deface things and if litter was dropped on the hockey field where we sometimes had our breaks, someone was always sent out to pick it up – making you to not want to drop it in the first place.

So it went on at my school, you were taught respect for people and property, right from wrong and never ever spoke back to a teacher or the wrath of the heavens dropped on you so it just never happened. I could go on all day but I won’t, and I know back in the ‘good old’ days, there wasn’t social media and all the stupid rules that are there now but I was taught well and still to this day wouldn’t behave like some do. Discipline and respect were well instilled in us which still stands me in good stead today.

It’s such a shame that for me that the world is becoming a more liberal place where anything goes, but that is just my opinion old fashioned though it might be. It’s a pity that more people hadn’t been taught the ‘old ways’ and then maybe there wouldn’t be as much violence and ‘couldn’t care less’ in the world.

What do you think?

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